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Colloid in a sentence

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Sentence count:85Posted:2017-09-07Updated:2017-09-07
Similar words: colloidalmetalloidhoi polloicolloquycollocatecolloquiumcolloquialcollocationMeaning: ['kɒlɔɪd] n. a mixture with properties between those of a solution and fine suspension. 
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1. Within the lumen of the follicle is a colloid.
2. Allied Colloids is accused of failing to store dangerous substances safely and not taking proper fire precautions.
3. The components of colloid in kenaf bast fiber were assayed, and mechanism of degumming was expounded in molecular level.
4. The invention relates to a colloid tartro-bismuthate and a drug preparation, a preparation method and application of the colloid tartro-bismuthate.
5. JM series colloid mills are superfine processing mills for grinding wet materials.
6. Characteristics : Transparent , colorless adhesive colloid, sterile, non - pyrogenic, non - inflammatory.
7. Methods Monoclonal antibody colloid gold method was used for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis amylose.
8. Results The spheroidal colloid gold particles of 20 nm showed bright red in color.
9. However(, the report about preparing salt - based colloid palladium is less in the domestic and overseas.
10. A colloid with water as the dispersing medium.
11. Are meningeal tumour and colloid tumour same?
12. Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma and auricular hypoplasia:Associated with juvenile colloid milium or ligneous conjunctivitis?
13. Objective:To determine the effect of nuclein 32 P colloid in treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis(CMS).
14. The strongly PAS-positive colloid was found in all parts of the adenohypophysis and neurohypophysis in the mature Chinese buffalo.
15. By the dipping way, the viscosity of colloid is more bigger and its density is more littler, the thickness of thin film is more bigger.
16. Thyroglobulin secreted by the epithelial cells, makes up 90 percent of the colloid.
17. These compounds are absorbed into the epithelial cells surrounding the central lumen containing the colloid.
18. The inhibition by the crystalloid agents was stronger than that by the colloid agents.
19. In order to improve impressibility of the oil for antioxidant, it should be down that increasing refining extent, deeper removing aromatics, colloid, and nitride and decreasing sulfide content.
20. Among them agraffe is the most popular element, transparent colloid sole also is new use data.
21. Natural protein, soluble in water and most commonly found in the Albumins, the colloid used for certain dichromated sensitizes employed in photomechanical process.
21. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
22. Surface-enhanced Raman spectra of O-phenanthroline, 2, 2'-bipyridine and their complex ions adsorbed on silver colloid.
23. Conclusion The effect of rapid plasma volume expansion with crystalloid or colloid on prevention of hypotension during induction is similar but colloid is better in prevention of CI decrease.
24. With water cleanness plastic floor meets scrub detersive agent and moisture and colloid have chemistry, create the appearance since floor face come unglued or lift up.
25. Aim To study the Effects of different extracts from Bletilla colloid on rabbit platelet aggregation.
26. The result shows that the modern technology such as colloid chemistry is available for greatly improving the properties of the sensitive shellac bond.
27. Methods To detect the Serum of 120 people in medical examination or in hospital by the Colloid gold immunofiltration assay and the Immune turbidimetry .
28. The papermaking furnish components and its flocculation, adsorption, properties of colloid chemistry and action of surface dynamic electricity are discussed systematically.
29. Based on the dispersive systems and properties of collosol, liquor could be regarded as colloid solution composed by colloidal particles with their diameters measured within millimicron.
30. The SERS spectra of acid black and acid red adsorbed on a silver colloid, have been measured at different concentrations. The effect of the concentration on adsorption behavior has been studied.
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