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Cogged in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2018-11-07Updated:2018-11-07
Similar words: loggedtoggedhoggedfoggeddoggedtogged upcloggedbefoggedMeaning: [kɒgd] adj. having cogs. 
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1 I decided to set up my own business because I was tired of just being a cog in a machine.
2 When the large cog wheel engages , the mill stone will start to go round.
3 Tired of being a tiny cog in a vast machine, he handed in his resignation.
4 The teeth of the cog should fit into these grooves.
5 The wheel engages with the cog and turns it.
6 Mr Lake was an important cog in the Republican campaign machine.
7 The cogs gear smoothly.
8 The two cog wheels engaged and the machine started.
9 The firm tries hard to make its employees feel that they are more than simply cogs in the wheel.
10 If the cogs don't mesh correctly, the gears will keep slipping.
11 He's joined the Liberal Party, and now he's a very important cog in the cabinet.
12 One cog - wheel engages with another.
13 Its members take on the characteristics of mechanical cogs, performing their prescribed chores until they are worn out and replaced.
14 The steering is pin sharp and the delicate gearshift absolutely superb, swapping the cogs with a velvet action.
15 The lime kiln belly rotated on giant cogs into the dark of the next chamber.
16 Silver Reed and Knitmaster owners should make sure the patterning cogs spin freely.
17 During a comical lesson on how to catch her man, Little Cog is told she must weep not buckets but spoons.
18 I hear them in there pry up his forehead like a manhole cover,[] clash and snarl of jammed cogs.
19 As cogs in the Soviet military machine, the three countries' armies used to sit mainly near their western borders.
20 Our cog was a sturdy merchantman escorted by a small man-of-war.
21 Say generally, all use of cogged method or doubtful method, can call black hat SEO.
22 Why? It thinks you are in cogged !
23 Wait for malign and cogged method to remember this.
24 The engine is cogged to the wheels by the transmission.
25 Besides illegal information and cogged website,[] we need not adjust search result artificially absolutely.
26 Hang outside network game, often be used as a network cogged tool.
27 Is check - up liver result assay is mixed pattern cogged?
28 Keep accurate and true, avoid to be full of excessive and vaunting the article with disloyal word, also should be far from cogged to searching engine foolish content of course con.
29 This website cannot find home page on Baidu, I think the anchorage link that also stands with this concerns key, look even if be in cogged .
30 According to the report, ma Yun overruled group of the mom in A to strike cogged plan, reason is: This market early days needs to breed, development is good sense.
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