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Coeliac in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2018-04-13Updated:2018-04-13
Similar words: celiacceliac diseasecoelomcoelacanthiliacsacroiliaclobeliareliantMeaning: ['siːlɪæk] adj. of or in or belonging to the cavity of the abdomen. random good picture
1 Shortly after the diagnosis of coeliac disease, you need to be extra careful to ensure you have a nutritionally adequate diet, as you may have been suffering from malabsorption of nutrients.
2 The donor's superior mesentery artery and coeliac artery were respectively anastomosed to donor's interior and exterior artery leading to common iliac artery was anastomosed to the recipient's aorta.
3 Should we screen for coeliac disease?
4 Small bowel carcinoma and coeliac disease . [ comment ] .
5 The study also found evidence of a higher incidence of food allergies and a higher risk of developing coeliac disease.
6 Some diseases prominent within the European population that could see numbers drop as mixed-race grow are cystic fibrosis, coeliac disease, muscular dystrophy and haemophilia.
7 The medical condition caused by eating gluten and lead to damage of the intestinal lining and inflammation is called Coeliac Disease.
8 A useful landmark are the paired arteries that arise from the aorta caudal to the kidney, the coeliac and cranial mesenteric arteries.
9 The established effects of gluten range from allergies and coeliac disease to varying degrees of digestive discomfort.
10 Perhaps the best known of this other group is coeliac disease, an allergy to proteins present in the gluten of wheat,[] barley and rye.
11 It also questions the evidence that introducing solids at four months prevents coeliac disease and allergies.
12 Some people have a similar reaction to oats (more details at
13 As expected, autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid and coeliac diseases were all more common among those with PBC.
14 Qualitative analysis showed that the T1WI was the best sequence for demonstrating the splenic vein and could clearly show the superior mesenteric vessels . the portal vein and the coeliac artery.
15 Since 1988 to now have been engaged in the diagnosis of MRI, especially expert in the central nervous system disease and coeliac disease.
16 Food allergy should not be confused with 'food intolerance', of which the best-defined with an immunological component is the gluten intolerance syndrome coeliac disease.
17 It is the gliadin component of gluten which is responsible for coeliac disease.
18 Experienced taekwondo is through kicking the leg, movement that shows attack of waist, single hand or defence to make another hand opposite way is played makes coeliac muscle more able-bodied .
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