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Clubhead in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2019-01-06Updated:2019-01-06
Similar words: subheadingclubhousehealth clubclubhead to headhead-to-headclubbyclubbedMeaning: n. (golf) the head of the club which strikes the ball. 
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1. You must allow the clubhead to swing freely.
2. To get into the correct impact position, the clubhead must start to accelerate right from the commencement of the downswing.
3. The body leaves the hands and clubhead trailing in a wide open position.
4. Release the clubhead from the start for maximum speed at impact.
5. The cures include starting the clubhead back low to the turf on a gentle curve.
6. The clubhead must start on a gentle curve low to the turf. 4.
7. Hear the sound of the clubhead making good contact with the ball, and then, right afterward, the ground.
8. Be sure you don't watch the clubhead go back . Swing the clubhead at spot every time.
9. However, the clubhead fell and moved the ball.
10. Be sure you don't watch the clubhead go back. Swing the clubhead at a spot every time.
11. This release gives the clubhead the power and speed to get maximum distance.
12. Let the weight of the clubhead naturally do the work of hitting the ball, allowing your lower body to provide all the power.Sentencedict
13. From the blurred picture you can see the vital point when the clubhead is catching up with the hands.
14. George wanted to make sure that after contact with the ball his clubhead continued on a path away from his body.
15. Once a beginner has got past the teething part of theory, his mind must be concentrated on the clubhead.
16. Grip the club towards the butt end of the club. This will maximize the length of your wedge, and provide you with the most clubhead speed.
17. Let the club come on up, keeping your elbows in front of your body, to the top of your back-swing, where the clubhead will be point almost to the ground.
18. The player stopped his swing short of the ball, but the clubhead fell and moved the ball.
19. Training on a unique speed course training designed by Mike Bender to increase clubhead speed.
20. Before the player can remove his club, the ball is stopped by the clubhead.
21. Exactly the opposite of a longer bunker shot, keeping the lower body quiet will restrict us from creating too much clubhead speed where the ball will fly too far.
22. With fulcrum at end of shaft , the center of gravity is changed and clubhead feels much heavier.
23. Your weight should always be moving in the direction when the clubhead is going .
24. The player stopped swing short of the ball, but the clubhead fell and moved the ball.
25. This is where my hybrid really earns its keep. The heavy, round clubhead glides through thick grass easily, making unpredictable long shots from the rough a lot easier.
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