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Clinician in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2017-05-16Updated:2017-05-16
Similar words: clinicclinicalclinicallytechnicianpolyclinicmusicianopticianmagicianMeaning: [klɪ'nɪʃn] n. a practitioner (of medicine or psychology) who does clinical work instead of laboratory experiments. random good picture
1. The veterinary virologist and the clinician are naturally interested in effectively combating a viral infection.
2. Urinary calcium levels aid the clinician in understanding how the kidneys handle calcium in certain diseases of the parathyroid gland.
3. Dr James Wyatt, Sleep Clinician, Rush University medical Center: "What are the activities people are doing in that hour beforebefore bedtime, and do those those predict next-day consequences?
4. Zhang Shanlei, a modern famous philologist, educationist and clinician, took high reputation in TCM circle.
5. The conclusion antibiotic's medicine untoward effect should cause clinician to take seriously.
6. "In the future, we hope a clinician might be able to test the elafin levels of a transplant patient . to decide with a rash whether to initiate treatment, " says Ferrara.
7. "In the future, we hope a clinician might be able to test the elafin levels of a transplant patient with a rash to decide whether to initiate treatment, " says Ferrara.
8. Your clinician will probably suggest that you try medication as well as behavior therapy.
9. There will always, however, be a few cases in which the clinician thinks that it is inappropriate to ask for organs.
10. Information about the nature of the enema was withheld from the clinician involved in assessments.
11. This excellent book will be a welcome addition to the library of many a clinician, student, and teacher.
12. Although advisory at present such protocols could be used to regulate clinician behaviour.
13. This judgment is to be made only by an experienced clinician.
14. However, calculation of the anion gap will lead the clinician to the correct diagnosis.
15. In summary, the research to date provides few definitive guidelines for the clinician.
16. Other of the source studies, however, used patient values, clinician values, or educated guesses.
17. More important, however, is the occasional presence of an initial relatively symptom free period, which can mislead the clinician.
18. The "Recommendations for Laboratory Analysis in the Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes Mellitus"would be helpful for laboratorian and clinician in the diabetes care.
19. Therefore,[] this study suggests that conservative therapy is preferred prior to plantar fasciotomy when clinician treating patients with plantar fasciitis.
20. Communicate compromise settlement problems , coordinate the project leader, clinician, section office, clinical base and patient.
21. Primary pyomyositis is an uncommon disorder in non-tropical climates and represents a unique diagnostic and therapeutic challenge to the clinician.
22. Conclusion: Familiarizing with CT scan patterns may help the clinician to exclude certain diagnoses and narrow the differential diagnosis for others.
23. It is still to diagnose cerebral aneurysm according to observing angiography images by clinician, whose disadvantage is poor accuracy and objectivity.
24. But the best benefit, according to at least one study participant, was the ability to watch the entire procedure in real time on a color monitor and receive immediate feedback from the clinician.
25. Anaphylaxis is a potentially life - threatening illness that can be confusing to both patient and clinician.
26. Stephani Cox, a Decatur-based nurse practitioner and downstate lead clinician for Planned Parenthood of Illinois, said a herpes vaccine "would be wonderful."
27. If abnormal blood pressure is not identified by a patient's pediatric clinician, it may be years before the abnormal blood pressure is detected, leading to end-organ damage.
28. So the author suggests three kinds of treatments for clinician to choose, such as the balneotherapy, the eliminating turb...
29. Background: Brace prescription for children with diplegic cerebral palsy challenges the clinician with a variety of options and little evidence for rational decisions.
30. “When they get out of dental school, they’ll be much more of a clinician, ” Huang said.
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