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Clinically in a sentence

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Similar words: clinicalcliniccynicallyironicallylaconicallytechnicallymechanicallysardonicallyMeaning: adv. in a clinical manner. 
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1) It has been clinically proved that it is better to stretch the tight muscles first.
2) Leaving aside the tiny minority who are clinically depressed, most people who have bad moods also have very good moods.
3) In 1975 she was certified clinically insane and sent to a mental hospital.
4) This is shown clinically by the decrease or total loss of secretion of the affected glands.
5) Doctors declared her clinically brain-dead.
6) Although most chronically infected patients appear to have clinically apparent hepatitis, a subclinical chronic carrier state also exists.
7) Four patients with clinically active Crohn's disease of the terminal ileum were also studied.
8) Another form of mental disorder, pellagra, was associated clinically with diarrhoea and dermatitis.
9) Twelve patients with clinically active disease had normal erythrocyte sedimentation rate values; all of these had raised scan score.
10) Some patients were clinically depressed and suicidal.
11) Design - Screening study of patients suspected clinically to have Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and other neurodegenerative diseases by prion protein gene analysis.
12) Most of the patients studied were free of clinically detectable vascular disease.
13) Clinically the consequences are reflected as inappetence, weight loss and diarrhoea, the precise cause of the diarrhoea being unknown.
14) It is a myth that is clinically naive and will not stand up in the face of empirical evidence.
15) Diagnosis of the clinically severe forms of sickle cell disease is not difficult, providing awareness of the disease is high.
16) It opens rather clinically, with a sound-and-vision sequence featuring heartbeats, hospital interiors and instruments and a how-its-done Idiot's Guide.
17) For the last ten years of his life he was clinically insane.
18) There is medical evidence to show that he is suicidal and clinically depressed.
19) Government claims on waiting lists were also substantiated, although allowance has to be made for reductions achieved clerically rather than clinically.
20) Its toxicity has severely limited its use as an antiulcer drug but either it or its analogues are occasionally used clinically.
21) As laid back as you can get without being declared clinically brain dead.
22) Supplemental oxygen increases oxygen saturation but does not reduce the incidence of clinically important cardiac arrhythmias.
23) Of those cancers that seem to be limited to the prostate clinically, 25-35% will have lymph node metastases.
24) Patients described in published works with portopulmonary hypertension have all had clinically obvious portal hypertension.
25) Chronic radiation enteritis is now recognised as a frequent and clinically important sequel of abdominal and pelvic irradiation treatment for malignant disease.
26) Researchers speculate that this area becomes overloaded and shuts down eventually,[] leaving the woman numb and clinically depressed.
27) Others were anxious that patients with long waits had received priority over those with clinically more urgent conditions.
28) Only the benefits of estrogen replacement therapy have been clinically proven: It guards against heart disease and osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.
29) Abnormalities it, urinary but not intestinal excretion of uric acid may produce clinically recognizable disorders of urate metabolism.
30) Although we did not study any patients with severe symptoms, our findings seem to be clinically relevant.
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