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Clawed in a sentence

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Sentence count:85+6 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-09-18Updated:2017-09-18
Similar words: flawedoutlawedawedoverawedclawclawbackpublic lawperiodic lawMeaning: [klɔː] adj. 1. having a claw or claws; often used as a combining form 2. of animals. random good picture
1. His face was badly clawed by his little brother.
2. She had clawed Stephen across the face.
3. Slowly, he clawed his way out from under the collapsed building.
4. The cat clawed the chair.
5. Branches clawed at her hair.
6. The wolf clawed at the tree and howled the whole night.
7. Their favorite cat clawed a hole in my stocking.
8. The boat clawed off slowly until it reached the wind.
9. They slowly clawed their way up the cliff.
10. She clawed at the bushes to disentangle herself.
11. His hands clawed the air.
12. The government clawed back some of the money which it gave to arts organizations,in the form of tax.
13. The cat clawed the wall.
14. The two cats clawed at each other.
15. Mary clawed at her husband's sleeve, trying to stop him.
16. The prisoner clawed at the cell door in desperation.
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17. He clawed his way forward inch by inch.
18. She clawed her way to the top of her profession.
19. His hands clawed at the muddy earth.
20. They clawed each other at the conference.
21. His fingers clawed at Blake's wrist.
22. Benson clawed his way back into the lead.
23. The cats clawed at each other.
24. He clawed at the floor above his head and hurled the ball without thinking.
25. It allows some funds to be clawed back from the Treasury-to be spent on tightly regulated projects.
26. He clawed at the air and looked at the thing he had caught.
27. She was there as her son clawed his way up from the post-coma cognitive level of a 2-year-old.
28. He was seriously injured when one of the lions clawed his back.
29. We got a government grant for setting up our business, but they clawed it all back again in taxes.
30. And the Monster was pinching Ma's bosoms with its hideous clawed fingers so that blood squirted out.
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