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Clade in a sentence

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Similar words: cladladesnow-cladbladegladeladenironcladballadeMeaning: n. a group of biological taxa or species that share features inherited from a common ancestor. random good picture
1 A number of clades are still too poorly known to be included.
2 Initially, research will look at designing antibodies against clade C, which could be used in a vaccine, he said.
3 The remaining species form a well-supported clade , which in turn can be divided into smaller groups.
4 In addition, Clade 2 contains clones only from the American soils, indicating that the geographic locations and soil characteristics may influence the types of terrestrial crenarchaeotal populations.
5 A clade is a 'branch' and is a term used in the taxonomy of species.
6 Diagnoses a clade or monophyletic group.
7 But clade C accounts for around 90 per cent of HIV infections in India and South Africa, which together have some of the highest infection rates in the world, Chauhan said.
8 The Hinds Cave bone fell into Clade 1, a group belonging solely to modern and ancient dogs.
9 A clade may contain many grades.
10 Despite being the basal member of the cynodont clade , they already showed some of the advanced mammalian characteristics, but Procynosuchids bore resemblance to the Therocephalians.
11 Taxonomy reveals a great deal about the evolutionary relationships among organisms. A clade is a taxonomic unit whose members are derived from a common ancestor.
12 HIV has around ten known sub-types — or 'clades' — and most research to date has focused on clade B,( which dominates in Europe and the United States.
13 Clad organizes a tree of biological species, allowing the user to add scientific and popular names, origin, distribution, apomorphies and other information such as pictures or if the clade is extinct.
14 The NJ and MP trees showed that B. patulus was separated into an independent clade.
15 The divergence in skull form seen in tyrannosaurines indicates that the skull in this clade had a wide range of adaptive morphotypes.
16 RESULTS The enteroaggregative E. coli O104:H4 strains are closely related and form a distinct clade among E. coli and enteroaggregative E. coli strains.
17 Thus, it could be an ancestral taxon of the Asian clade, which appeared before the diversification of the East Asian species.
18 Based on a study that included a single undescribed Malagasy species in the spider genus Anelosimus, investigators found that this species could be grouped within a clade of NewWorld social species.
19 Speciation can also be happened with a long term evolutionary process, through the vicariance or dispersal events and cause a monophyletic clade within high diversity taxa on the species level.
20 There existed obvious differences of EST isoenzyme between larva phase and adult phase and different isoenzyme zymogram in each intraspecific clade.
21 Phylogenetic tree showed Xingguo red carp, glass red carp and Oujiang color carp belong to the same clade, and purse red carp belongs to another clade.
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