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Chopstick in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2016-10-12Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: stick outstick tochopchoppingjusticeplasticdomesticartisticMeaning: n. one of a pair of slender sticks used as oriental tableware to eat food with. 
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1. He continued to sit there, chewing on a chopstick while glowering at me.
2. This machine has all functions of ZK-3 chopstick packing machine. It features three-color printing, expanding the color optional scope for customers.
3. Do you know what is a disposable chopstick made of?
4. It is an ideal machine for chopstick packing owing to its excellent results.
5. In addition, DDB Shanghai's "Chopstick Tree" campaign for the China Environmental Protection Foundation notched a silver at the 2011 CLIO Awards.
6. Activists argue that the disposable chopstick habit could gradually be phased out on an individual basis.
7. Rest the right chopstick on the ring finger.
8. There are ten pairs of chopsticks in our chopstick case.
9. What do you have in your bag: chopstick, books, CD - player.
10. The chopstick I poked your arm with is on the floor.
11. The thin film packing, equipped with a chopstick clamper and an automatic stopping, features embossing, three-sided sealing, cutting, automatic counting and tiding up.
12. He put the chopstick and watched as the bee dried out.
13. Accordingly, when dining with this kind of chopstick, 2 oxidation sulfur flows as airy very easy and caky to respiratory tract, cause the disease such as cough, asthma.
14. Putting a chopstick in a glass before pouring in beer can prevent foam.
15. It's rude to point your chopstick at others.
16. Rest the left chopstick on the finger and the finger.
17. Top chopstick shops stock top chopsticks.
18. Could you pass me the chopstick ( knife, fork, napkin )?
19. The way they made Jade Chopstick Soup was very cruel.
20. Only the chopstick on the left should move.
21. My father progged the top of the loaves with a chopstick.
22. An-other guy was so thin and pale that he looked like a chopstick with ink on top.
23. Then for every drop of oil that stuck to the chopstick a drop of water remained in the bottle.
24. This machine has the same printing function with ZK-4B chopstick making machine, with mesh points overprint and three-sided embossing and agglutination,(sentence dictionary) one or two toothpicks in one bag.
25. Mmm, sticky rice. It's a glutinous side dish that's perfect for practicing your chopstick skills, for sopping up curry sauce and, amazingly, for building really strong pagodas.
26. I know to have a thing I am certain err, be a chopstick then use.
27. People in Taipei are still driving separately to work, using disposable chopstick and dishware, and leaving electronics running at all times.
28. Wife: No ! I don't want it because your chopstick touch it.
29. It's a glutinous side dish that's perfect for practicing your chopstick skills, for sopping up curry sauce and, amazingly, for building really strong pagodas.
30. A 20 - year old tree could produce 3000 - 4000 pairs of chopstick.
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