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Chondrocyte in a sentence

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1. Electron micrograph of a chondrocyte in its lacuna and almost entirely filling the lacunar space.
2. The effect of cuttlebone on chondrocyte proliferation was examined by MTT assay.
3. Objective To observe the effect of chondrocyte culture with natural ECM made from allogenous acellular cartilage.
4. In order to repair chondral defects, autogenous chondrocyte transplantation is becoming encouraging treatment concerned by most investigators.
5. Meanwhile, chondrocyte culture with PDLLA-CPP composite was used to evaluate the effect of PDLLA-CPP composite on cartilage cell proliferation.
6. High tibial osteotomy and osteochondral or chondrocyte transplantation can be used in middle stage.
7. As for the percentage of mitotic chondrocyte, there was no significant difference between control goggled eyes and treated goggled eyes.
8. To overcome the limiting autogenous chondrocyte populations available in cartilage repair, various methods have been developed to maximize chondrogenesis of hMSCs in vitro.
9. Objective: To study the isolation and culture of chondrocyte of joint cartilage, and the influence of EGF on its growth and dedifferentiation.
10. Conclusion: The synthesis of PG in chondrocyte in mandibular condyle may be affected by abnormal stress.
11. Conclusion: Apoptosis of chondrocyte plays an important role in the pathomechanism of OA.
12. Objective To observe the growth of rabbit chondrocytes incubated on the collagen sponge in vitro and to investigate the ectopic chondrogenesis by implantation of chondrocyte scaffold composite.
13. Objective To explore the effect of apoptosis on chondrocyte differentiation.
14. Conclusion: Brucine can effectively promote the proliferation of chondrocyte.
15. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis suggested that SNP could induce typical apoptosis. The ELF magnetic fields could restore the structures of chondrocyte .
16. Objective: To investigate the method of the primary culture chondrocyte from newborn mouse breastbone , and discuss the feasibility of this method and it's application value.
16. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
17. Mesenchymal stem cells are important for tissue engineering and cell therapy, able to differentiate to the osteoblast, chondrocyte, muscle cell, neural cell and others.
18. Objective To study frozen reservation method of epiphyseal plate chondrocyte.
19. In their series, 61 patients with isolated cartilage defects on the femoral condyle or the patella received autologous chondrocyte transplantation grafts.
20. Objective To study the effect of repairing the defect on the condylar articular cartilage by chondrocyte transplantation.
21. Sera contained in FYC could promote the proliferation of chondrocyte in vitro.
22. It has potential of multi-directional differentiation, and can differentiated into many cells in specific condition, such as osteocyte , chondrocyte, tendon cell, lipocyte and so on.
23. ResultsAfter articular cartilage injury, the degeneration and denature of the cartilage occurred, and the cluster ex-pressed collagen type X (like hypertrophic chondrocyte)and apoptosis appeared.
24. Objective: Intervertebral disc degeneration is associated with decreased proteoglycan ( PG ) synthesis by disc chondrocyte like cells.
25. NO content in articular synovia was measured by nitrate reduction method, and the apoptosis rate of chondrocyte was determined by flow cytometry.
26. The cellular morphology, viability and histochemical results revealed that PLLA materials containing tetrandrine could improve the chondrocyte proliferation and its functions.
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