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Chemical engineering in a sentence

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Sentence count:110Posted:2017-11-09Updated:2017-11-09
Similar words: electrical engineeringmechanical engineeringagricultural engineeringelectrical engineermechanical engineercivil engineeringengineeringbioengineeringMeaning: n. 1. the branch of engineering that is concerned with the design and construction and operation of the plants and machinery used in industrial chemical processes 2. the activity of applying chemistry to the solution of practical problems. random good picture
1. He gained a doctorate in Chemical Engineering.
2. A leaning toward chemistry and chemical engineering was no doubt kindled in some way by a Mickey Mouse comic strip.
3. Chemical engineering companies found that their very large complex expensive process plants could be controlled better by computer than by human operators.
4. Peter gave up a promising career in chemical engineering to become a priest.
5. Details from J. Westwood Chemical engineering.
6. One such twenty-two-year-old chemical engineering graduate had six job offers.
7. David Rumschitzki, a professor of chemical engineering, said that he virtually never saw a student who began in mid-level remediation.
8. Plasma technology is an abnormal instrumentality for chemical engineering and brings new vital force.
9. Subject_Topical_Eng: Chemical Engineering and Technics; Macromolecule Material; Savageness Outcome; Pharmacy; Fine Chemistry.
10. Biochemical engineering provides students with skills to apply chemical engineering principles to bioreactor design, downstream processing and overall bioprocess optimization.
11. This paper mainly introduced the chemical engineering mathematics model, and solved a question of the produce physically.
12. Based on the energy conversation equation of chemical engineering thermodynamics, two computation methods of explosion temperature and pressure of gas explosion in vessels were built.
13. Oscillatory flow reactor is new type chemical engineering equipment.
14. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical engineering or instrumentation.
15. The chemical engineering has developed into such a stage that it is integrating with basic disciplines and interacting and crossing with its vicinal branches of science.
16. Chemistry and chemical engineering have changed significantly in the last decade.
17. They were the basis of the first textbook on chemical engineering which Davis published in 1901.
18. Wirral-born Mike joined the company in 1979 from Newcastle University where he gained a chemical engineering degree.
19. He was also largely responsible for rewriting Davis's Handbook of Chemical Engineering in its two-volume format for a second edition.
20. His work led to the formation in 1919 of the chemical engineering group of the Society of Chemical Industry.
21. He undoubtedly made a major contribution,( engineering.html) not only to the profession of chemical engineering but to technology and technological education generally.
22. It also highlights the role played by both the chemical and chemical engineering disciplines in the development of cleaner processes.
23. The research activities of the department are very wide, encompassing most areas of chemical engineering.
24. ChIN is a accessed navigating site of chemistiy and chemical engineering resources.
25. Dish centrifugal separator (DCS) and Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge (HDC) are two kinds of high-speed rotating machines widely used in chemical engineering and food industry.
26. Absrtact: Status monitoring and fault diagnosis are the great importance in chemical engineering process, especially by now the equipment is becoming more and more complex.
27. Chemostat is a kind of industrial reactor. It is not only used in the chemical engineering, but also used in microbial continuous culture, waste treatment, biology pharmacy and food processing etc.
28. The invention discloses a non-integrated variable volume high-pressure phase balance measuring device, which belongs to the technical field of chemical engineering.
29. Our products include varied plastic packaging containers such as for cosmetics , chemical engineering , food, medicine, medical inspection, stationery...etc. which are on sale all over the world.
30. The pyruvic acid and the series product have got the extensive use in industry and science researches of chemical engineering, living turn, the medicine of system and agriculture use chemicals etc.
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