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Chariot in a sentence

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Similar words: charismariotpatriotvariousnefariousscenariocharmChart.Meaning: ['tʃærɪət] n. 1. a light four-wheel horse-drawn ceremonial carriage 2. a two-wheeled horse-drawn battle vehicle; used in war and races in ancient Egypt and Greece and Rome. v. 1. transport in a chariot 2. ride in a chariot. random good picture
1. The bronze chariot proved to be a valuable find.
2. In the Chinese chess, the chariot takes in a straight line.
3. The Romans liked watching chariot racing.
4. She travelled in a chariot drawn by cats, the latter being her sacred animal symbol and familiars.
5. There also is a rocking chariot, which Brown recommends only to the strong of stomach.
6. He was thrown from his chariot and his horses tore him to pieces and devoured him.
7. Any chariots may have scythed wheels at an additional cost of 20 points per chariot.
8. Once a chariot has taken its full quota of wounds it is destroyed.
9. From 1904 to 1915, chariot races took the place of football.
10. Litany of the chariot as it moves on its runners, he wrote.
11. The War Altar is a chariot and the rules described in the Warhammer rulebook for chariots apply.
12. A chariot moves at the speed of the creatures pulling it.
13. Swing low, sweet Chariot is left unaccompanied,( but that involves a disturbing oddity of pitching at the start.
14. All hits against the chariot in hand-to-hand or shooting are randomly allocated as shown below.
15. It struck him dead, shattered the chariot, and made the maddened horses rush down into the sea.
16. Originally the arch was surmounted by a six-horse chariot.
17. She was tied to the wheel of a chariot and sent down the steep sides of one of the great hills.
18. He rides a massive chariot pulled by three wolves, and swings his mighty axe Elf-Biter.
19. The chariot moves back and forth, he wrote, but to no purpose.
20. Dhamma is the charioteer that drives the chariot along the road to Nirvana.
21. Each chariot has a crew of two Goblins and is pulled by two giant wolves.
22. Enemy models attempting to fight against the chariot in hand-to-hand fighting always compare their weapon skill against that of the crew.
23. Contemporary sources described Mithra as having 10,000 ears and eyes, and as riding a gleaming white chariot above the clouds.
24. A good option for the Goblin Warlord is to ride a chariot.
25. And gives movement to the arms of the scissors and so back through the sieves to the chariot and the moulds.
26. The Pump Wagon is heavily constructed and has the same basic profile as a chariot.
27. We found ourselves spending an inordinate amount of time in the chariot[], chasing hither and yon.
28. This is something unique; and it is not surprising that somebody should have thought of the mystical chariot of Ezechiel.
29. She may have wings, or she may ride in a chariot drawn by wild animals.
30. 28and on his way home was sitting in his chariot reading the book of Isaiah the prophet.
More similar words: charismariotpatriotvariousnefariousscenariocharmChart.chartchargeprecariousgregariouscharterCharliein chargecharacterin charge oftake chargedischargingcharacterizecharacteristicdevice characteristicbioticcurioperiodpriorsuperiorcuriouswarriorprior to
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