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Chance upon in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2017-04-26Updated:2017-04-26
Similar words: once upon a timechanceby chanceperchancefat chancechancellortake a chancestand a chanceMeaning: v. find unexpectedly. random good picture
1. John chanced upon a former colleague of his at the airport.
2. Perhaps you might chance upon the dictionary at some old bookstall.
3. He chanced upon a volume of Japanese poetry in a bookshop.
4. Henry chanced upon some valuable coins in the attic.
5. One day he chanced upon Emma's diary and began reading it.
6. What I had chanced upon was a mile race of six glorious runners, a really beautiful thing.
7. If you happen to chance upon that document let me know.
8. If you chance upon that document, let me know.
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9. One of the soldiers chance upon a girl from a mysterious tribe, that is cursed such that its members who fornicate with outsiders will, together with them, transform into wolves.
10. In Nepal, I happened to chance upon trees full of bougainvillea flowers raining down in the slightest quivering of the winds. I just could not bear to step on them.
11. In the forests, you may chance upon shy deer or playful monkeys darting among the branches.
12. I half expect to chance upon that house, as would happen in a dream.
13. Assuming the program could guess a different random sequence at the rate of 100 per second, it would take an average of 12 years to chance upon your chosen password.
14. But amid the deluge of questionable adult services on offer, you will soon chance upon companies offering money for body parts and/or fluids.
15. It happened one day that the son of a king, while riding in the forest, came by chance upon the dwarfs' house and asked for a night's lodging.
16. And the young man that told him said, As I happened by chance upon mount Gilboa, behold, Saul leaned upon his spear; and, lo, the chariots and horsemen followed hard after him.
17. But because most don't have money - what little they had before the flood is now gone - they can't buy anything even if they chance upon a roadside vendor.
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