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Centrum in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
Similar words: antrumtantruminstrumentdetention centreinstrumentalentrustcentredebt instrumentMeaning: n. the main body of a vertebra. random good picture
1. The National Grid Company has played a centra role in the development of the new competitive electricity market.
2. Carlo Centra is also in need of our prayers after a painful bout of illness.
3. Conclusions The fast suspensory set for compressed centrum reposition and percutaneous vertebroplasty is an effective technique for osteoporotic spinal compression fractures.
4. The hemal and penetrable cartilage inside centrum dish hind form be identical bend with the blood-vessel that comes from periosteum.
5. Relax pressure and tired , balance centrum nerve.
6. It mainly functioned on the Centrum restraint, tiredness elimination, heart sturdiness, inflammation diminishing, hyperpiesia, over- oxidation and microwave eradiation resistance.
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7. Excitement of the HPA axis can affect the centrum, such as blues, angst, anorexia, pugnacity et al, these symptom accelerate gastric ulcer.
8. Objective To analyze the CT appearance of centrum compression in postmenopausal patients with primary spinal osteoporosis.
9. Clerk: Centrum? We have bottles of thirty and one hundred tablets.
10. Conclusion: Centrums degrading increases the risk centrum fracture.
11. Results CT characters were: summarized cartilaginous node, centrum posterior marginal osseous absence and protruding folliclering fragment.
12. As the notochord inside centrum close, notochord cell from centrum migratory to vertebra clearance.
13. Osteoporosis will also result in deformation of centrum and hereby causes reduction of body height and crookback, etc.
14. Methods The fast suspensory set was used for compressed centrum reposition and then the percutaneous vertebroplasty was performed for the fractured vertebrae under the guidance of C arm fluoroscopy .
15. X line behaves: Rachis osteoporosis, bone little bridge decreases, cave among centrum(, submit piscine tail form.
16. This experiment researched the drawn force of the single centrum pedicle screws.
17. Volatilized hydrocarbon has some of stimulation to skin, eye and mucosa, and a little effect on centrum nerve.
18. Figure 1 and Figure 2: Axial T2 weighted images demonstrate diffuse high signal throughout the supratentorial white matter involving the centrum semiovale and corona radiata.
19. CONCLUSION:Using 3D finite element models method to analyze the mechanical trait of osteoporotic centrum is feasible, and can gain some unique information Moreover, the conclusions are credible.
20. Other the hemal Kong Jin that comes from periosteum enters cartilage, but do not enter centrum ossification central belt.
21. Results: The most relevance ratio in 98 patients is centrum hyperosteogeny, which is 67 (68.38%). Secondly is bulging intervertebral disc, which is 36(36.73%).
22. Itself of notochord week scabbard still is in the center of centrum of cartilage source sex area, call mucous account.
23. Many factors cause the osteoarthritis on the flat roof of the lumbar centrum, but the intervertebral discs degeneration is the dominative one.
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