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Central vision in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-10-25Updated:2017-10-25
Similar words: tunnel visioncentralizationdecentralizationcentralcentralisecentralizecentralistcentral bankMeaning: n. vision using the fovea and parafovea. random good picture
(1) It means that the central vision has been affected such that you are having difficulty with your vision which needs to be recognised.
(2) Sufferers find their central vision gradually deteriorates, making it increasingly difficult to carry out tasks such as reading, driving and watching TV.
(3) Recovery of central vision is unsatisfactory due to macular degeneration and cicatrization.
(4) Because of the atrophy at the fovea, central vision begins to be lost.
(5) Methods Measured and compared these indexes : central vision, stereovision, dark adaptation, color vision and visual field.
(6) It characterized by acute or subacute loss of central vision and optic atrophy.
(7) But when we look directly at the mouth, our central vision doesn't see the shadows, and so the smile suddenly disappears.
(8) In other words, the eye with the telescope is used for central vision while the untreated eye (still with macular degeneration) supplies the patient with peripheral vision.
(9) "The break in a pitch comes in the last five feet of the pitch, when your central vision takes over again, and the ball snaps back to its true location as your swing passes over it," Lu says.
(10) We would not wish to see another case like the young boy who lost his central vision back in October 2005 through looking directly at a partial eclipse in his school playground.
(11) Our peripheral vision is not just a blurry version of our central vision.
(12) The new device is for people with an irreversible[], advanced form of macular degeneration in which a blind spot develops in the central vision of both eyes.
(13) New blood vessels sprout under the retina, leaking blood and fluid. The macula swells and becomes scarred, and central vision can be lost in weeks.
(14) Until the ball is about 20 feet from the plate, they focused on the ball with their central vision, then handed off the ball to their peripheral eyesight.
(15) Eyeglasses cannot correct AMD, and in many cases, the macula 's breakdown creates a blank or dark spot in the central vision field.
(16) The most serious form of AMD, it can lead to loss of central vision within months of diagnosis.
(17) Sufferers do not go blind, but find it virtually impossible to read, drive, or do tasks requiring fine, sharp, central vision.
(18) It does not affect peripheral vision, but the loss of clear central vision can rob a person of the ability to read, drive and recognise people's faces even without causing total blindness.
(19) An estimated 500, 000 people in the UK suffer from AMD, which destroys central vision.
(20) People retain their fuzzier peripheral vision, but as the disease progresses, their central vision goes and with it the ability to read, drive or even recognise facial expressions.
(21) It is the commonest cause of sight loss in people aged over 50, robbing people of the central vision necessary for reading, driving or simply recognising faces.
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