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Central america in a sentence

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Similar words: african americanamericaAmericanPan-Americanamericanismcentralamerican flagsouth americanMeaning: n. 1. the isthmus joining North America and South America; extends from the southern border of Mexico to the northern border of Colombia 2. the nations of Central America collectively. 
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1. We beamed the program to the countries of Central America.
2. They beamed the program to the countries of Central America.
3. A hurricane is bearing down on central America.
4. The literacy rate there is the highest in Central America.
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5. Reporter Alan Nearn covers Central America and is a regular contributor to The New Yorker.
6. Reporters quizzed the President on tax policy and Central America.
7. The US supported several right-wing regimes in central America.
8. A notorious smuggler of illegal arms from Central America.
9. Primitive ray-finned freshwater fishes of North and Central America and Cuba. Characterized by elongated jaws and heavy ganoid scales.
10. The population in central America is growing explosively.
11. Gazetteer Central America: Caribbean and Pacific drainages of southern Mexico and Central America.
12. The area of British Honduras, in Central America, was settled by shipwrecked British sailors in 1638.
13. Central America the unfavorable balance of trade present condition main body now following several aspects.
14. They owned vast banana plantations in Guatemala and Central America.
15. I want to travel around Belize and Central America.
16. The armadillo is found in the American South and in Central America.
17. Police have been tracking the four criminals all over Central America.
18. I think Mexico should be counted as part of Central America.
19. Her new book is a scathing attack on American imperialism in Central America.
20. There was a deep division in the Republican Party over policy on Central America.
21. Chemical analysis of residues found on fragments of pottery vessels recovered from the site tested positive for theobromine, a compound found in cacao trees that were limited to Central America.
22. But unless and until drugs are legalised, that is the best Central America can hope to do.
23. Parthenium hysterophorus L. of the family Asteraceae is an exotic noxious weed from Central America.
24. The proceeds of the arms sales were then funneled to Contra fighters in Central America.
25. The rise of splendent Maya civilization, which had swept Central America, started from the arrival of a warlord from central Mexico, whose intrusion made the Maya great.
26. The mammoths should not be confused with the American mastodon (Mammut americanum), another ancient elephant from North and Central America.
27. The area, first named the British Honduras, was colonized by the British, which explains why it is the only English-speaking country in Central America.
28. Together these donors have provided more than seventy-six million dollars for projects in Africa and Central America.
29. The Star apple is a fruit native to the low-lying areas of Central America and the West Indies.
30. In 1823 Honduras became a part of the United Provinces of Central America.
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