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Cdna in a sentence

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Similar words: DNAEDNAkidnapadnatejunk dnaechidnagood namebrand nameMeaning: n. single-stranded DNA that is complementary to messenger RNA or DNA that has been synthesized from messenger RNA by reverse transcriptase. 
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1. The substrate is a total cDNA library.
2. Partial cDNA clones are shown by dotted lines at the 5' end; translation termination codons are indicated by an asterisk.
3. The cDNA clones were sequenced from both ends using standard forward and reverse primers.
4. This cDNA fragment was used to screen several murine cDNA libraries.
5. A full length Xenopus nucleolin cDNA was constructed from overlapping sequences recovered from an ovary cDNA library.
6. Recombinant cDNA were analyzed by differential screening.
7. Numbers in brackets indicate positions in the Oct-11a cDNA sequence in Figure 1.
8. Clones were found in a mouse thymus cDNA library, however.
9. Multiple cDNA clones were identified by screening the U251 library with a bacterial lysate absorbed polyclonal antiserum against human tenascin.
10. A U251 cDNA library was screened with bacterial lysate absorbed polyclonal antiserum against human tenascin.
11. A cDNA fragment was isolated and cloned from the total RNA of calli of Onobrychis tanaitica containing condensed tannin using RT-PCR technique.
12. Generate sets of full - length cDNA clones and sequences that represent human genes and model organisms.
13. Each plasmid contains a cDNA insert that was cloned via EcoRI and XhoI.
14. Objective : To clone and sequence cDNA of human lymphotoxin ( LT ) .
15. Objective:To clone and sequence a cDNA encoding fibrinolysin metalloproteinase from the venom of Agkistrodon acutus from Guangxi.
16. Results of homology analysis revealed that the TBb cDNA sequence shared 90% homology with the major allergenic storage protein and legumin-like protein of common buckwheat.
17. A cDNA library could contain all cDNAs from a single tissue, for example, and could be screened for the ability to hybridize to a fragment of known DNA.
18. Objective : To clone the hTPO cDNA and study its expression level in COS? 7 cells.
19. A synthesis cDNA - bim ? ? 6 encodes 28 reisdues with BH 3 core sequence was built.
20. Conclusion Cationic liposome-mediated GDNF cDNA in vivo transfer can promote regeneration of corticospinal tract and facilitate repair of the cytoskeleton in the injured neurons.
21. When GAM cDNA was transfected into COS cells, it appears as an 24 kDa expressing band.
22. The 3' untranslated trailer sequence is 937 nucleotides long and no poly A tail is present indicating internal priming during cDNA synthesis.
23. The isolation of one exon is theoretically sufficient to screen cosmid and cDNA libraries for further analysis of the corresponding gene.
24. The existence of the mini-exon 3 and the positions of the adjacent intron splice points were verified by cDNA sequencing.
25. Nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequence of the Oct-11 cDNA.
26. In our hands,[] these precipitations result in progressively diminished yields of potential template cDNA for amplification.
27. These variations may be a result of slight variations in the amount of template cDNA.
28. Several deletion mutants were prepared by exploiting singular restriction sites in the cDNA to enable progressive sequencing.
29. Only one strand of the linkers ligated to the cDNA and the single strand gap was repaired with Taq polymerase prior to amplification.
30. The nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence of the human ribosomal protein L12 cDNA.
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