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Categorization in a sentence

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Similar words: categorisationcategorizecategorizedvaporizationmemorizationcategorisecategorialauthorizationMeaning: n. 1. a group of people or things arranged by class or category 2. the basic cognitive process of arranging into classes or categories 3. the act of distributing things into classes or categories of the same type. 
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1. A greater refinement of the categorization is possible.
2. Cognitive social psychologists tend to view categorization in terms of individual functioning.
3. This emphasis on quantification and categorization occurs in conjunction with the belief that either / or categories must be ranked.
4. This paper introduces a method automatic text categorization based on the statistic features of Chinese characters.
5. The essay makes some categorization and analysis educe new and comprehensive annotations of executive ability.
6. When it comes to the levels of categorization, the tabooed words are basic level categories and the euphemistic expressions are the superordinate level categories.
7. One possible categorization of actions is a shared historical context.
8. CATEGORIZATION: Tools to create and maintain categories.
9. Categorization in mental lexicon is an intriguing phenomenon.
10. Mahout contains implementations for clustering, categorization, CF, and evolutionary programming.
11. Categorization is not allowed with this key.
12. There arc many methods for the automatic categorization of images, among which the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm is a case-based learning methyl and is a comparatively ideal automatic categorizer.
13. According to their categorization (1976, 1985), lexical cohesion is composed of reiteration, synonymy, hyponymy and collocation, etc.
14. Experiment shows that the revised text categorization model meets the need of text categorization, and improves the performance of former one.
15. Abstract: Text categorization is defined as the task of assigningpre - defined category labels to new documents.
16. NAICS and UNSPSC are examples of categorization tModels.
17. This structural approach proposes systems of categorization that separate "source" text from "target" text or "language" from "meaning".
18. In text categorization, the weight of term has great impact on the classification results. Term Frequency and Inverse Documentation Frequency(TFIDF) is one of the key algorithms of term weighting.
19. First the paper introduces text categorization in the application of machine learning, pattern discrimination and data mining and explores the connection between text categorization and them.
20. The first task in scrutinizing educational policies, therefore,[] must be to examine their implicit categorization and labelling.
21. Not all selected settlement policies propose such a stark categorization of villages.
22. The rhetorical perspective has explicitly criticized the one-sidedness of much cognitive social psychological theory and its emphasis upon schematic categorization.
23. They could create a more simple composite application leveraging consistent categorization and showing discussions and contracts with the views from the Lead Manager Core database.
24. So KPCA can extract the feature set more suitable in categorization than classical conventional PCA.
25. Constructing an effective text classifier plays a key role in text categorization.
26. The most distinguishable characteristics of this method is introducing the LLSF(Linear Least Square Fit) technique to build the categorization model.
27. In order to solve the data scarcity problem of massive short text categorization, a semi-supervised short text categorization method based on attribute selection was presented.
28. Metaphors as a form of reasoning by analogy involve categorization, entailment and inference.
29. The interpretation of nominal tautology can be based on some concepts and theories in psychology and cognition, of which the most important are metonymic mapping, categorization and space mappings.
30. On the ground of empiricism, basing on the body perception of the objective world, cognitive semantics thinks that semantic is the process of conceptualization and categorization.
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