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Categorised in a sentence

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Similar words: categorisecategorisationcategorizecategorialcategoricalcategorizedcategoricallycategorizationMeaning: adj. arranged into categories. 
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1. We identified the postcode areas of patients and categorised them into three groups - namely, urban, rural, or mixed.
2. Third, the severity of comorbidity was categorised broadly and was based only on past medical history.
3. Comorbidity was categorised as mild, moderate, or severe by a physician based on the patient's medical history.
4. Words were then categorised based on the similarities of these groups.
5. About half in each case were categorised by their headteachers as casual or persistent truants.
6. Using a similar approach I categorised my own activities as illustrated in Table 1.
7. Whether the transaction is to be categorised as a sale or exchange is a question of contractual intention.
8. His classification allowed all perinatal deaths to be categorised whether or not necropsy had been undertaken.
9. Marine fish can first be categorised into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.
10. An outgoing can be categorised as either of revenue or capital.
11. Have the data been appropriately analysed , sorted, categorised , grouped, prioritised etc.
12. Many pulpand paper companies have categorised these automated analysis products as "A"priority devices, with the same importance as on-line paper quality sensors.
13. Eligible applicant organisations are categorised into Group A and Group B.
14. Taxes can be further categorised as proportional,( ) progressive or regressive.
15. Such radiations can broadly be categorised into two types: ionising and non-ionising.
16. Statistics on the misuse of knives are not readily available, because misuse is categorised under other offences, such as assault.
17. The failure of the shareholders to behave in an owner-like way is problematical only if they are appropriately categorised as owners.
18. The reproducible arts of photography and printmaking still remain, by and large, categorised as lesser arts.
19. We have already stressed the need for you to keep your notes and assignments in properly labelled and categorised loose-leaf folders.
20. The same data are plotted in b but the species are categorised into three different life styles denoted by different symbols.
21. They follow him everywhere in whatever way and would condem anything they deem injustice towards their idol. I suspect they should be categorised as groupie than sports fans.
22. Anyone who is not qualified for his or her job should be categorised " off - staff ".
23. National treasures are never loaned ; everything else is categorised according to its perceived importance.
24. There are two quite different basic classifications of cocoa, under which practically all varieties can be categorised: Criollo and Forastero cocoas .
25. Though closely tied to housing, these loans are not categorised as mortgages.
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