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Categorical in a sentence

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Sentence count:89Posted:2017-04-02Updated:2017-04-02
Synonym: categoricflatunconditionalSimilar words: categoricallycategorizecategoryhistoricalhistoricallystrategicallyrhetoricallymetaphoricallyMeaning: [‚kætɪ'gɒrɪkl] adj. 1. relating to or included in a category or categories 2. not modified or restricted by reservations. 
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1 Can you give us a categorical assurance that no jobs will be lost?
2 The counselor would then electronically graze the 70 categorical pots of money.
3 Will my right hon. Friend give me a categorical assurance that that order was decided solely on price?
4 Weber's agent issued a categorical denial that the incident had ever happened.
5 Evolution of ordered categorical data in each group was assessed by the Wilcoxon rank sum test.
6 Where deviance has a categorical, unproblematic quality,[] a penal response is triggered.
7 Can the Minister give us a categorical assurance that that will not happen?
8 Perhaps the exemplar of this surrealist categorical imperative was Antonin Artaud.
9 Categorical outcomes, such as prevalence rates, were initially compared by 2 with Yates' correction.
10 But how can I know what the categorical imperatives binding on me are?
11 Kant's categorical imperative procedure, Adam Smith's impartial spectator, and Rousseau's general will are primary examples of representations of a moral point of view.
12 The categorical names are often combined, with a six - carbon - atom aldehyde sugar being termed an aldohexose.
13 The judgement was harsh and categorical.
14 West logic includes Aristotelian categorical logic and Stoic propositional logic in ancient time and modern mathematic logic.
15 The first thing to realize is that it must consist in categorical imperatives, which are to be distinguished from hypothetical imperatives.
16 But Whitehall sources dismissed the call and underlined Sir Patrick's own categorical statement.
17 For many outer-city and middle-class speakers, a raised vowel is already categorical in all environments.
18 The Senate plan thus anticipated simplifying the review process characteristic of the categorical grants.
19 It ultimately relies on the notion that we order our world through the categorical distinctions of our language.
20 Not for him was the formal ceremony of admission, with its conditional baptism and its awesome recital of categorical promises.
21 To pass unscathed into the inner sanctum of the wave is the categorical imperative of surfing.
22 The second distribution was for hold-harmless grants to protect users of the categorical grants from a sudden loss of this money.
23 Since career development is mandated by state and federal categorical funds, the program is impossible to jettison.
24 Such variations can make hash of attempts to say anything categorical about how people respond to alcohol.
25 C., and generally increased the awareness of local officials about the new revenue sources represented by categorical grants.
26 To classify ( a book or publication, for example ) according to a categorical system.
27 Negative sentences in Chinese are corresponding to two kinds of different propositions in logic. They are categorical negative proposition and the negative proposition of compound proposition.
28 Data were pooled across studies, and relative risks for categorical outcomes and weighted mean differences for continuous outcomes, weighted according to study sample size, were calculated.
29 He has gone wiggle - waggle and cannot be persuaded to categorical.
30 I think this is just obvious, an inflection given that we've agreed to use the categorical dispositional language at all.
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