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Catch cold in a sentence

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Sentence count:37+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-07-08Updated:2017-07-08
Similar words: catch a colddutch couragecatchcatchycatchercatch atcatch upcatch onMeaning: v. come down with a cold. random good picture
(1) Wear your coat or you'll catch cold.
(2) Put on your overcoat, or you will catch cold.
(3) If you stay out in the rain you'll catch cold!
(4) Children are liable to catch cold.
(5) Mind out that you don't catch cold.
(6) You'll catch cold if you don't put a sweater on.
(7) Let's dry our hair so we don't catch cold.
(8) Proper bundling was important, that she not catch cold.
(9) Be careful not to catch cold.
(10) When you catch cold, you feel under the weather.
(11) When Boreas blows, you are horrified and cough, catch cold and shock.
(12) Don't stand in the draught . You may catch cold.
(13) Children would catch cold easier in many clothes after sports.
(14) Catch cold " is an idiomatic expression. "
(15) How did she ever catch cold in such warm weather?
(16) I stayed in lest I should catch cold.
(17) Don't overfatigue yourself because fatigue predisposes one to catch cold. Otherwise ( cold.html), morning exercise is good for your health. You'd better do it regularly.
(18) Take good care of yourself lest you catch cold.
(19) Many people catch cold in winter.
(20) Be careful, you may catch cold.
(21) You'd better rub him down with a dry towel.Otherwise he'll catch cold.
(22) He is extremely strong — not but that he will catch cold at times.
(23) But if it arrives, does the rest of the world have to catch cold too?
(24) He is very strong - not but that he will catch cold sometimes.
(25) If you put on damp clothes, you will probably catch cold.
(26) Black-browed Zhao said with affection and consideration, "It's midnight, take care not to catch cold."
(27) Basically be to affect sexual disease to suffer from, consider as virus infection more, because often happen in catch cold catch cold, blowy orColdLater.
(28) Do towel the children down very thoroughly, they're wet to the skin and might catch cold!
(29) " It gets cold at night, if you wear light clothing, you'll catch cold. "
(30) There's a good deal of dew here, and I don't want you to catch cold.
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