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Cataloging in a sentence

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Sentence count:63Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
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1. He catalog ( ue ) d all the insects in his collection.
2. Mail-order catalogs are a convenient way to shop.
3. The 32-page catalog is chock-full of things that add fun to festive occasions.
4. The catalog is organized alphabetically by label name.
5. The Sharper Image catalog is a mother lode of men's gadgets and toys.
6. We put a lot of material up on our website simply by repurposing our existing catalog.
7. She recited a catalog of her husband's sins to me.
8. I've written away for their free catalog.
9. A picture of a cat on a log is a rebus for catalog.
10. The Americans cut back the word " catalogue " and it became " catalog " .
11. But each is labeled and cataloged, chipped, cut, powdered, assayed, and probed.
12. McMullen's 18-page catalog teems with exotic-sounding product names that cover the anatomical waterfront.
13. Maximum public acceptance will require that interactive catalog services have a more entertaining visual appearance than traditional text-intensive catalogs have had.
14. I say run ads in magazines that already attract the customer you are looking for and ask for catalog requests.
15. Hence he gave communities libraries, lock, stock and card catalog.
16. As it turns out, though, one of the greatest albums in his catalog has only just been released commercially.
17. They can be ordered through catalogs, computer bulletin board systems and on-line services.
18. Even the casual Beatles fan can enjoy cataloging the various sources for musical phrases in each song.
19. Factor in other magazines, fall catalogs choking the mailbox and spreads in local newspapers and it adds up to stylish overstimulation.
19. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
20. Cataloged below are some traits I believe a networked-based economy would exhibit: Distributed CoresThe boundaries of a company blur to obscurity.
21. She apparently also used her contacts there to peddle a catalog for a merchandise corporation.
22. Unified cataloging should be the only way of worldwide resource sharing.
23. A digital photo cataloging and search system that's as small as it can be.
24. The Air Force radars may well be busy cataloging many pieces of debris, sources said.
25. Dublin Core : Cataloging Standard of 21 st Century Library?
26. Some of this spirit of discovery seems lacking in the presentation which tends to focus on cataloging our problems.
27. The features and advantages of catalogue module are summarized and the problems of its application are also discussed based on the use of ALEPH 500 integrated system in cataloging.
28. MODS changed. Conforming to these change, the range of cataloging object and cataloging methods change also.
29. But what will happen to the library's role in preservation, cataloging, and circulation?
30. The different view is raised in this paper about MARC standard problem in automatic cataloging in ECIP project, and design idea of the realization of automatic cataloging system is also proposed.
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