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Carry-over in a sentence

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Similar words: carry overworry overcarry outcarryoutcarry-outcarry offcarry oncarry-onMeaning: n. 1. application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation 2. the accumulated and undivided profits of a corporation after provision has been made for dividends and reserves carry over. v. 1. transfer or persist from one stage or sphere of activity to another 2. transport from one place or state to another 3. hold over goods to be sold for the next season 4. transfer from one time period to the next. 
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1. The budget includes a £7 million carry-over from last year.
2. Hence, carry-over or cross-contamination can occur in continuous flow analyzers if suitable precautions are not taken.
3. Is rough regarding the whelk carry-over 's skin, the cavitypit, the scar lump, the pigmentation have the obvious curative effect.
4. His neatness is a carry-over from his army days.
5. The absence of carry-over of its impurities (including related substances, solvents and catalyst) should be demonstrated.
6. A carry-over from winter, the freshest styles are cut to reveal the toes, and come in soft canvas and slouchy leather.
7. Internal carry-over warehouses refer to those that store exports for internal carry-over.
8. Has there been a carry-over effect from almost two months' worth of overtime?
9. But after technique, the face carry-over mark and affects the nasal cavity normal physiology function.
10. These results implied that exogenous amylase had a carry-over effect on the endogenous enzyme activity in broilers.
11. The second kind of motion: Question developer carry-over project.
12. The carry-over effect of paclobutrazol under soil application was caused mainly by the absorption of additional paclobutrazol from the soil.
13. Another carry-over from their hunting instincts is their love of digging, and if left unsupervised , they can often be found digging for grubs in your lawn.
14. When sad, only has that one wipes the carry-over red late autumn, palpitates the heart.
15. But the carry-over effect in February was as high as 3.7 percentage points.
16. Some of the problems schools are facing are a carry-over from the previous government's policies.
17. That has continually happened when other hon. Members have sought to move the carry-over motion.
18. What, then, to pick up our last theme, is the carry-over of this conception into the culture of society?
19. Reporter from Beijing Planetarium found this morning, although Beijing residents have missed the observation "the god seven" the airship, but may observe it in the outer space carry-over .
20. As soon as a day is over let it be gone. Carry-over thoughts on the previous day could leave you spent, dissipating your energies.
21. Atmosphere thermocouples should not be immersed more than 2 inches. The rate of attack by batch dust carry-over and resulting corrosion increases significantly at greater depths.
21. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
22. Q . What about the way you won that one? Does that have a carry-over effect?
23. Walks in this area, can see the Japanese seizes under the period carry-over the construction, in disrepair after many years, many obviously worn-out.
24. I am the new manual handling, as well as the extension before the expiration of the carry-over work can be written off completely competent.
25. "Holding something warm might lead someone to perceive others as warmer, which could have carry-over effects on how people treat others, " he said.
26. T he antifoaming agent can prevent the surface foaming in the boiler water, and inhibit the highly suspended matter from having carry-over effect.
27. The most important requirment for analysis and interpretation of the crossover design is that there is no carry-over effect from the first treatment to the second.
28. After initial startup, the plant couldn't operate smoothly because acid gas supply deviated greatly from design values, besides, with too much carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon carry-over .
29. The important thing is to see that if there is something that deserves this name, it is precisely the carry-over of this negatived function which is grounded in the castration complex.
30. Still, the concern is significant because some studies do suggest a carry-over effect between past CRP levels and future heart disease.
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