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Cardial in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-07-08Updated:2017-07-08
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(1) It is well established that the cardial contraction is initiated when an action potential depolarizes the sarcolemma.
(2) Conclusion Esophagogastric intramural anastomosis can partly reconstruct the cardial function and prevent reflux esophagitis effectively.
(3) It is well established that the cardial contraction is initiated when action potential depolarizes the sarcolemma.
(4) Objective:To evaluate the cardial reserve function of an essential hypertension patient with left ventricular hypertrophy(LVH)by exercise treadmill test.
(5) Results: The blood supply of cardial carcinoma was from the left gastric artery in 35 cases.
(6) Objective To evaluate the value of color Doppler ultrasonography(US), X-ray barium meal examination(X-ray) and gastroscopy(GS)in the diagnosis of the cardial cancer.
(7) Pituitrin was used to establish the model of acute myocardial ischemia in mice, and was investigated the effect of RLF on cardial function.
(8) Objective To observe the microvasculature of the ventricular wall in order to provide morphological basis for the physiology and pathology of cardial microcirculation.
(9) Objective:Seek out the best recovery time and work out an efficient recovery index for the patients of gye given permanent artificial cardial pacing.
(10) Objective To explore the therapeutic effect of delayed gastric emptying after surgery of esophageal and cardial carcinoma.
(11) Objective: To investigate the possible cause of delayed emptying of postoperative intrathoracic stomach(DEPIS) and its diagnosis and treatment after esophageal or cardial cancer resection.
(12) Objective To observe the theraputic effect of esophagectomy without thoracotomy in elder patients with esophageal and cardial carcinoma.
(13) Objective:To evaluate the clinical value of transcatheter endovascular perfusion chemotherapy in advanced cardial carcinoma.
(14) Objective: Research the feature of the coronary microcirculations change to the cardial ischemia reperfusion injury (CIRI) and relationship of influence factor.
(15) Objective Observe the therapeutic value of transcatheter chemo infusion of left gastric artery in the treatment of late cardial carcinoma.
(16) Myocardial collagen is an important part of myocardial interstitium. It maintains constitional and functional integrity of heart with cardial muscle cell.
(17) Objective To explore the effect of esophagogastric intramural anastomosis on reconstructing cardial function and preventing reflux esophagitis.
(18) Objective To explore the rational therapy of anastomotic and thoracic gastric fistula after the resection of esophageal carcinoma and cardial carcinoma.
(19) Objective In order to find out a normalization of cardial carcinoma radical surgery and a rational measures to improve the treating effect.
(20) Objective To evaluate and summarize the experience of surgical treatment for esophageal and gastric cardial carcinoma.
(21) To analyze the reason and the approach of MM patients complicated with cardial injury.
(22) Objective To investigate the effects of hypertonic-hyperoncotic solution(HHS) on cardial function and myocardial histological structure in isolated rat hearts against ischemia reperfusion injury.
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