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Cardiac muscle in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2017-09-19Updated:2017-09-19
Similar words: cardiaccardiac arrestintracardiacmusclemusclemansmooth muscleskeletal musclecardiaMeaning: n. the muscle tissue of the heart; adapted to continued rhythmic contraction. random good picture
1 The physiology character of cardiac muscle includes stimulant, autonomic sex, conductibility and contractility.
2 Methylxanthines cause central nervous system stimulation, diureses, cardiac muscle stimulation & smooth muscle relaxation.
3 In the animal model, Kv 4.3 expression of cardiac muscle cell obviously reduce when heart failure happen.
4 The bile acids are found cytotoxicity to cardiac muscle cells in experiments.
5 Why is the person's cranial nerve incontrollable cardiac muscle activity?
6 Cardiac muscle is the muscle out of which the heart is made.
7 Thechanges in the nuclei of the cardiac muscle cells and in the interstitial tissue arealso briefly described.
8 Conclusions: Antiarrhythmics can reduce cardiac muscle hypertrophy induced by L thyroxin.
9 For example, some stem cells form cardiac muscle.
10 It showed that myoneme of cardiac muscle cell was integral, sarcomere was regulation, Z line, M line and H band was clear.
11 AIM: To probe into the exactitude of color kinesis in assessing the systolic velocity of cardiac muscle.
12 Results: The obvious amitotic phases and cellular senescent characteristics were observed in adult goat ventricular muscle cells including working and conducting cardiac muscle cells.
13 Conclusion WGFS has the effects of negative frequency named restraining cardiac muscle contraction and stretch function, and reducing rhythum of the heart and blood pressure.
14 The existing of ET-1-like immunoreaction makes EC release a lot of ET, which damages vessel and cardiac muscle.
15 These observations, reported in 2003,( implied that the immune attack in neonatal lupus could be targeted to maternally derived cardiac muscle cells in the fetus.
16 It was also detected in the gastric mucosa and cardiac muscle.
17 Objective: To discuss change and significance of platelet activating factor (PAF) in myocardial ischaemia and relationship between the protective effects of taurine in cardiac muscle and PAF.
18 Conclusion There is relationship between the protective effects of taurine on cardiac muscle and inhibiting PAF.
19 CONCLUSION It was found the effective components for vascul and cardiac muscle in Cladonia alpestris.
20 Have coronary artery sex heart disease or chronic bronchitic patient smokes inside the toilet, can bring about angina pectoris, cardiac muscle straightens dead or the acute of tracheitis breaks out.
21 The changes will be benefit for the study on the character mitochondrial proton leak thermogenesis of diaphragm and cardiac muscle in tree shrews during the cold expose.
22 Complication has pneumonic, thorax to accumulate arthralgia of sex of lymph node enlargement of door of fluid, lung, encephalitis, defer, cardiac muscle phlogistic, glossitis.
23 The alkaloid in embryo of the seed of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn has many medicinal and health care functions, such as lowering blood pressure, resisting oxidation and protecting the cardiac muscle.
24 Results In normal mice, connexin 43 and desmin are located in the intercalated disks of cardiac muscle, and the latter also revealed a positive immunoreactivity in the cross striations of sarcomeres.
25 Angelicae sinensis and fructus schizandrae in it can recuperate nerve cell in cardiac muscle , then relieve the fatigue caused by nerves' overstress.
26 Cimicifuga Romose L. can resist against bacterium, low down the blood pressure, restrain the cardiac muscle, slow down the cardiotachometer, and also sedation.
27 Objective To analyze the seroenzyme characteristics of rhabdium lesions in patients with dengue fever, and make early detection of cardiac muscle injury.
28 Conclusion In myocarditis, expression of connexin 43 and desmin in the involved cardiac muscle cells was inhibited, resulting in dysfunction of gap junctional communication and arrhythmia.
29 Objective: To investigate the protective effect and mechanism of compound protein zinc (CPZ) in mice cardiac muscle damage caused by virus .
30 Azygos vein directly drew into right atrium cordis. 2. The intercalated disk of cardiac muscle was less than that of human. 3. The Purkinje's fibre was bigger than that of human.
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