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Carboniferous in a sentence

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Similar words: coniferousseminiferousseminiferous tubulecarboniccarbonitedecarbonisecarbonic acidcarbonizationMeaning: [‚kɑːbə'nɪfərəs] n. from 345 million to 280 million years ago. adj. 1. of or relating to the Carboniferous geologic era 2. relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon. 
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1) The Carboniferous mineralisation shows no such relationship.
2) The ones now dead, and carboniferous fruit themselves.
3) Before this, in a period called the Carboniferous, the whole region was under the sea.
4) Fermanagh the Carboniferous sediments thin northwards against the land mass from which they were derived.
5) The layer upon layer of carboniferous fruit.
6) There are numerous Carboniferous crinoids not unlike this one,[] which require expert knowledge in their discrimination.
7) His Survey work dealt with Carboniferous fossils initially, including a monograph on bryozoa.
8) Wilson has worked mainly on Carboniferous faunas collected from surface exposures and boreholes.
9) So the early Carboniferous was again a time of very widespread carbonate deposition.
10) Carboniferous sediments have been affected by low-amplitude Hercynian folding, Mesozoic rift faulting and Cretaceous inversion-related compression and fault re-activation.
11) The similarity between the Carboniferous maturity-depth gradients for these two areas is therefore not surprising.
12) An angular unconformity recognised in the Upper Carboniferous on the flanks of the London-Brabant Massif was of particular interest in this respect.
13) The Permo Carboniferous is the main coal bearing strata in Henan Province.
14) Devonian and Carboniferous Systems are target horizons and Guwanliang-Tongtianping-Huanggeda fault is the target structure for further Au exploration in the district.
15) The climatic zone of Late Carboniferous roughly corresponded with that of Early Carboniferous one.
16) The palaeostructure high part of Carboniferous in Indosinian epoch is favourable to the development of burial corrasion pores.
17) Most coal fields began life as swamps about 300 million years ago in the Carboniferous period.
18) But again they are an ancient group with ancestors back in the Carboniferous forest, a melting pot for plant evolution.
19) The commonest pre-Permian formation encountered in boreholes in sheet S is the Carboniferous Limestone.
20) Far below ground in the anticline were the Millstone Grits and even deeper were the Carboniferous Limestones.
21) Uplift of this magnitude could have occurred during Hercynian times with the stripping of considerable amounts of Carboniferous overburden.
22) If later generation was significant, the cavernous conditions in parts of the Carboniferous Limestone could provide remarkable reservoirs.
23) We do know that most coal fields began life as swamps about 300 million years ago in the Carboniferous period.
24) When computing uplift from a Marie-type graph such situations would give rise to an overestimate of uplift for the Carboniferous.
25) Hydraulic Fracturing Hydraulic fracturing is a method frequently used in Carboniferous wells to improve productivity.
26) Long spines on the exterior of the shell were developed especially during the Carboniferous.
27) He relied on outside specialists for identification work but found time to produce his famous monograph on Carboniferous crustacea.
28) The stratigraphy is shown as volcanic formations of Devonian and volcanic-sedimentary formations of Lower Carboniferous.
29) Field surveys and seismic exploration show that the lowest regional angular unconformity older than the Carboniferous developed between the Cretaceous and the pre-Cretaceous strata.
30) The characteristics mentioned above are controlled by the development and evolution of the northern Xinjiang Hercynian geosyncline region of Late Carboniferous age.
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