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Carboniferous in a sentence

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Similar words: coniferousseminiferousseminiferous tubulecarboniccarbonitedecarbonisecarbonic acidcarbonizationMeaning: [‚kɑːbə'nɪfərəs] n. from 345 million to 280 million years ago. adj. 1. of or relating to the Carboniferous geologic era 2. relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon. random good picture
1) The Characteristics of Carboniferous strata and milleral resources in Guangxi were briefly in troducted.
3) The lower part of the Upper Carboniferous Series is called Sixiakou Formation whose definition differ.
4) The hills are largely carboniferous limestone, which is quarried at several sites.
5) Chuandong Carboniferous gas reservoirs are widely distributed in the east port of Sichuan Basin.
6) In Early Carboniferous, Tianshan mountains entered an intraplate evolution stage.
7) The Weining age of Carboniferous period in Tongling area is a transgressive one.
8) The zimenqiao Formation silicalite of Lower Carboniferous is the country rock of Changkeng Au - Ag deposit.
9) The South Tianshan range formed end of the Carboniferous orogen was formed under the strong compression.
10) Bauxite of Sanmenxia area in Henan province is and occurs in Benxi Formation of Middle Carboniferous.
11) There are well source - reservoir - cap rock assemblages and suitable petroleum pool - forming conditions in Carboniferous strata.
12) Volcanic eruptive activities occurred from Cambrian to Permian ,( most intensely in Devonian and Carboniferous.
13) Coal - bearing strata in the Wangguanzhuang exploration area belongs to Permo - Carboniferous North China type coal - bearing formation.
14) The last of the six periods of the Paleozoic era , it follows the Carboniferous period.
15) We study the geology evolution of Houxia - Bogda region in Carboniferous period as a basin.
16) Besides, the oringin of the mixed sedimentitation of the Upper Carboniferous is discussed.
17) The metamorphic ages of the eclogites are largely 320~220 Ma ( Carboniferous period to Triassic period ).
18) Carboniferous, limestone and other minerals rich in resources, especially the River trail known Carboniferous distance.
19) In IuoyangSanmenxia area Al ore occurs in Benxi Formation of Middle Carboniferous consisting of mainly monohydrallite.
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