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Canted in a sentence

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Similar words: untenantedwantedslantedchantedplantedgrantedunwantedtenantedMeaning: [kænt] adj. departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal. random good picture
1. The new building canted over a bit to the left side after the earthquake.
2. They canted the boat to repair it.
3. The rideress was canted into the river by the horse.
4. The little boat canted over in the storm.
5. He canted the ball with all his stength.
6. The table was almost canted over by his buttocks.
7. The ship canted over when it hit the rocks,and sank to the bottom with all its passengers and sailors.
8. The controls are canted toward the driver.
9. It maddened him and he canted athwart.
10. The friends canted so no one could join their conversation.
10. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
11. Four nozzles , canted outboard, split the exhaust of the solid rocket motor into four equal tails.
12. Many western towns are, in my opinion, canted a little off-center: a tad too hot in summer, or possessing just a bit too much winter.
13. They are canted 45 degrees and spaced so that as liquid streams through the channel, any suspended particles skitter into them and deflect to the right.
14. The new building canted a bit to the left side after the earthquake.
15. The sailboat canted over in the storm.
16. He canted over from his chair onto the floor.
17. His father canted him every time he did something wrong.
18. To pique his wife de Canted began to call Forestier " poor Charles ".
19. Characteristic hunting technique of gliding low over ground with wings slightly canted upwards.
20. She was sitting down by the gate, one hand on her neck, her head canted over at a fierce angle.
21. The leg of the chair broke and the chair canted over.
22. Giving it a much cleaner and streamlined appearance , most noticeably because of the greater angle between the hood and the rakishly canted windshield .
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