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Camphor in a sentence

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Sentence count:85+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-14Updated:2017-02-14
Similar words: phosphorescentcampamphibiousdecampcampuscampingcampaigneuphoriaMeaning: ['kæmfə] n. a resin obtained from the camphor tree; used in making celluloid and liniment. random good picture
1) Water precipitates camphor from its alcoholic solution.
2) I smelled camphor and looked up into the bright, sun-reflecting glasses of my uncle.
3) It smelt of camphor as if the old clothes hanging on the racks had just been taken out of ancient chests.
4) Others put their faith in camphor.
5) Smell of soap, cedarwood,( camphor.
6) A colorless, flammable material made from nitrocellulose and camphor and used to make photographic film.
7) Ingredient: Wordlike Atractylodes Rhizome , Patchouli, wormwood leaves, Camphor leaves etc.
8) Camphor tree is not only strong, but it is also a great ability!
9) OBJECTIVE:To establish the method for simultaneous determination of camphor and menthol in compound diphenhydramine liniment. METHODS:The DB-WAX capillary column was used.
10) The formation of camphor from the catalytic dehydrogenate of isoborneol in gas phase was investigated and catalyst CDH has been selected.
11) The density and strength of English Walnut, Gingko, Camphor Tree Camphor Wood and Rubber Tree were medium, and the density and strength of Common Jujube and Chinese Chestnut were high.
12) Other trees are maple, wooden lotus, camphor, narrow-leaf spicebush and cuckoo.
13) Xiang camphor tree canopy of the stretch.
14) Chemical constituents of front cut fraction from mixed camphor oil analyzed by GC, GC/MS/DS and other methods are reported(, 16 components have been identified.
15) HPLC method was established for determination of phenol, camphor and thymolum in Menthol and Thymol Liniment.
16) Menthol, camphor of Piyan Ping ointment were qualitatively analyzed by GC.
17) The smell of camphor almost smothered the faint spring scent of the lilies banking the alter.
18) Ingredient: Atractylodes Rhizome , Patchouli, wormwood leaves, Camphor leaves, soy candle etc.
19) Camphor oil has recently been evaluated for its effectiveness in treating demodicoses that often occur rosacea.
20) Patients should be warned that camphor oil can irritate the skin.
21) A marble - sized ball, originally of camphor but now of naphthalene, stored with clothes to repel moths.
22) Ingredient: Atractylodes Rhizome , Patchouli, wormwood leaves , Camphor leaves, wooden powder, bond etc.
23) His studies laid the foundations for his later researches on camphor and the mechanism of aromatic substitution.
24) A new preparation method of synthetic borneol and synthetic camphor is reported.
25) Ingredient: word like Atractylodes Rhizome , Patchouli, wormwood leaves, Camphor leaves, volatile liquid etc.
26) Objective : To evaluate repellent efficacy , fungi static efficacy and safety of the camphor oil spray.
27) Some examples of this are eucalyptus , peppermint and camphor oil.
28) Objective : To establish a quantitative analysis method for camphor in compound menthol nasal drops.
29) The influence of temperature on cross-hatching on cone models made of wax and camphor is studied. Ablating experiments are carried out in heated supersonic tunnels.
30) But when I am discouraged or downcast I need only fling open the door of my closet, and there, hidden behind everything else, hangs the mantle of Michel de Montaigne, smelling slightly of camphor.
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