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Callback in a sentence

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Similar words: call backfallbackfall backfullbackroll backrollbackpull backpullbackMeaning: n. a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair). 
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1. Is there a call-back facility on this phone?
2. The phone is equipped with a call-back facility.
3. In the callback model, the WMI infrastructure expects the application to have methods that handle enumeration, binding and any other methods required to implement the functionality of the provider.
4. There is an asynchronous callback model and an asynchronous polling model.
5. Frock distribute and callback, provide monthly summary list.
6. The callback router answers the initial call and makes the return call to the client based on its configuration statements.
7. This can include invalidating sessions, canceling timers, canceling callback handlers or cleaning up any data structures that may need it.
8. Busy signal detected at remote site on callback.
9. Registers and releases, respectively, a callback handler for an IRQ line. The registration can be exclusive or shared.
10. Communications between the use of a callback function mechanism.
11. The orderer must then be prepared to respond to a request (callback, in this case) to process the final invoice.
12. Registers and releases, respectively, a callback an IRQ line. The registration can be exclusive or shared.
13. This is a simple, asynchronous request/response or callback pattern that is typical of many service protocols.
14. In many Ajax applications, you'll see a callback function that checks for a ready state and then goes on to work with the data from the server response, as in Listing 6.
15. This service specification is a little more complicated, because it models the interaction between a shipper and an orderer by using a simple callback style interaction.
16. Creates a duplex channel between a service and a callback instance on the client.
17. He said the market price of steel has always showed cyclical fluctuations, a callback is normal.
18. Moving the slider changes the length of the displayed color bar by invoking the callback named fct, which calls the value function on the ProgressBars to set the new length.
19. However, in event-driven multi - threaded applications and are widely used in the callback function to
20. New Year beginning, freight rate of market of international container regular ship appears periodic callback evidence.
21. In such cases, you need to override the onreadystatechange function of the XMLHttpRequest instance so that you can set a callback function for the asynchronous request.
22. Therefore, investors must be wary of at this time callback risk index.
23. The virtio_driver structure defines the upper-level device driver, list of device IDs that the driver supports, a features table (dependent upon the device type), and a list of callback functions.
24. Also, the javax.jms.Queue object is looked up, put into a simple data-transfer object (DTO) with a connection object, and returned from callback.
25. Based on PWM technique, the energy from battery discharges return to the master tape of DC, which has the advantage transmitting energy through two directions and realizes energy callback.
26. Fade out all matched elements by adjusting their opacity and firing an optional callback after completion.
27. As this is ASYNC IO, i will have to PEND the original IO till callback of my write request is called.
28. There are a number of operations that you can register callback routines for and the value to indicate each operation begins with EM_ (the complete list is available in the API reference guide).
29. Key technologies are discussed, such as state and transient service, service data element(SDE), notification, lifecycle, callback, grid service handle(GSH) and grid service reference(GSR).
30. Fermentative bio - hydrogen produce continuously hydrogen by molasses, it may not only callback garbage also produce energy.
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