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Calcium oxide in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-11-04Updated:2017-11-04
Similar words: calciumaluminum oxidesodium hydroxidetitanium dioxideperoxidedioxidemonoxidezinc oxideMeaning: n. a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide. 
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1. When calcium carbonate is heated it decomposes into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.
2. The reaction between calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide and aluminate solution with heavy soda was studied.
3. Hydrated Lime , Quicklime , Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Oxide, Calcium Carbonate, Refractory Products Chemical Supplies.
4. A reducing agent converts the calcium sulfate to calcium oxide, which is then removed, by reintrainment into the flue gas steam using soot blowers or sonic horns.
5. A rare plagioclase feldspar with high calcium oxide content occurring in igneous rocks.
6. The free calcium oxide and the periclase formed in the converter smelting process are primary factor affect the steel slag long-term unstable.
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7. The melting characteristic of ore fines with calcium oxide during reaction is investigated.
8. The polyoxyethylene alkyl phenyl ether obtained by calcium oxide catalyst had perfect quality with narrow molecular weight distribution, high cloud point, good appearance and low by - product PEG.
9. Calcium oxide can neutralize peptic acid better than calcium carbonate.
10. Using 1 % calcium oxide has more single caffeine production rate, extraction rate and purity.
11. Unreacted calcium oxide or calcium carbonate generates sufficient heat to the endothermic reaction between calcium fluoride and sulfuric acid so that no external heat is needed.
12. Using sodium carbonate and calcium oxide as cheap acid-capturer, perfume furfuryl butyrate was synthesized from furfuryl alcohol and butyryl chloride, and was characterized by GC and IR.
13. Non-pollution roasting technology by using sodium carbonate, calcium oxide, red mud and lime mud as roasting additives for extraction of vanadium from siliceous navajoite was studied.
14. The Calcium Oxide is used to mix oxygen with the steel.
15. Some glazes contain elevated magnesia which increases their durability; this was certainly necessary given the low calcium oxide levels.
16. Another very unusual feature of these glasses is that they contain very low calcium oxide levels-c. 1 %.
17. Method, principles for sulfur hexafluoride waste water treatment, process condition experiments and industrial production by calcium oxide is reviewed.
18. By way of combustion dynamics calculation it is found that the semicoke prepared with calcium oxide added has the highest combustion activation.
19. Thus we hold that the direct HCl dissolution method can replace the high temperature alkali fuse to analysis the calcium oxide and magnesian in limestone.
20. This paper discussed the preparation of calcium peroxide from calcium oxide and peroxide at normal temperature.
21. Carbothermic reduction of zinc sulfide in the presence of lithium carbonate and calcium oxide analysis ( TGA ).
22. In this paper, the reactive theory of the preparation of sodium hypophosphite by one-stage process taking phosphor , calcium oxide and sodium carbonate as raw material is introduced.
23. As to the steel slag, the effect of reducing alkali aggregate reaction is better when alkali reactivity is low and the content of free calcium oxide and periclase is low.
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