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Cajole in a sentence

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Sentence count:32+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-09-12Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: blarneycoaxinveiglepalaversweet-talkwheedleSimilar words: majormajor inrolewholepolesolesolelyas a wholeMeaning: [kə'dʒəʊl] v. influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering. random good picture
(1) It is difficult to cajole him into consent.
(2) He really knows how to cajole people into doing what he wants.
(3) Aid workers do their best to cajole rich countries into helping.
(4) The most effective technique is to cajole rather than to threaten.
(5) I managed to cajole her out of leaving too early.
(6) I managed to cajole his address out of them.
(7) The adverts scold us and cajole us and wheedle us and fawn us to keep up with the Joneses.
(8) Hence, the commander had to beg, cajole[], and browbeat authorities of three nations to get what he needed.
(9) Dealing managers and team leaders shout at, cajole and entice their dealers into selling large quantities of stock.
(10) This man, too, he tried to train, cajole, and threaten into submission.
(11) He managed to cajole Hayden to take part in the program.
(12) Teachers tend to cajole, comment, and direct students at every turn.
(13) They too would be trying to persuade, sell, cajole their fellow officers.
(14) To cajole is useless.
(15) Cajole, shame, bully, push away?
(16) She favours carrots and sticks to cajole Iran and North Korea into abandoning their nuclear ambitions.
(17) The enemy tried every means to cajole him into telling the information.
(18) I can cajole some money out of my father.
(19) Do you think you can cajole some money out of your father?
(20) Such perceived deficiencies have hobbled his ability to cajole China with any real conviction.
(21) He would go to him - threaten, cajole, actually destroy him[Sentencedict], if necessary.
(22) I am not going to cajole you into the reception of my view.
(23) They tried to cajole their daughter out of marrying him.
(24) " That's coffee candy to cajole children with,'said Hsin - mei , suddenly understanding.
(25) This resistance can only be overcome as you gently persuade and cajole subordinates to expand their horizons.
(26) I knew that as a fortune-teller and spirit medium, she was paid to console or cajole the dead.
(27) And he will depend on a trusted national security adviser to cajole and hammer this collection of heavyweights into a coherent team.
(28) Employers used to dictating terms to their Chinese workforce are learning to beg, plead and cajole.
(29) While we in government can lead and convene and even cajole, we can't do it all.
(30) While Capello is perceived as a harsh manager, he will have to console and cajole, too.
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