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Byproduct in a sentence

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Similar words: by-productprimary productionproductproductionproductivefinal productreproductiveunproductiveMeaning: n. 1. a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence 2. a product made during the manufacture of something else. 
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1. Sugar and its byproduct are the basis of the island's economy.
2. Job losses are an unfortunate byproduct of the recession.
3. Becoming a baseball fan was a byproduct of my research into sport on TV.
4. Again, solid carbon is made as a byproduct.
5. Such churn is a byproduct of rapid growth in Arizona.
6. The second byproduct of ilmenite reduction is high-purity metallic iron, which can be directly melted and cast into products.
7. Methane gas is regarded as a harmless byproduct of fermentation in the large intestine of man.
8. Bromododecane was synthesized from n- dodecyl alcohol using byproduct hydrobromic acid from 1-bromoadamantan process as raw material in the presence of the concentrated sulfuric acid.
9. Some insist that this syrupy sugar alcohol, a byproduct of ethanol fermentation, is as important to a wine's mouthfeel (texture) as ethanol itself.
10. A useless or worthless byproduct, as from a manufacturing process.
11. All wines contain sulfites (it's a natural byproduct of the winemaking process) and almost all wines contain added sulfites, all over the world.
12. The blast furnace gas (BEG) which is byproduct of ironmaking plays an important role in the energy construction of iron and steel works.
13. The chief byproduct of combustion is silicon dioxide ( sand ).
13. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
14. Spent Potlining ( SPL ) is the byproduct waste of electrolytic aluminum industry.
15. The byproduct copper sulfide was transformed into copper oxide by roasting, which was cyclically used in the next syn- thesis.
16. The age comes as a byproduct of the duration of my experiences.
17. Lunar dirt can easily be used as radiation shielding, and metals can be made as a byproduct of oxygen production.
18. Milk is the dominant product from livestock farms, and beef is usually a byproduct of the dairy herd.
19. He maintains that their image as a bunch of violent thugs is a misleading byproduct of a sustained media campaign.
20. Pulp, paper, viscose and fine chemical industries generate huge volumes of sodium sulphate byproduct.
21. We have also seen that hydrogen is made as a byproduct of the makeup of oxygen by electrolysis of water.
22. In that way, all the oxygen can be recovered, with solid carbon dust as the only byproduct.
23. The technological feasibility of SO2 removal from tail gas of single-absorption H2SO4 plant with aqueous pyrolusite suspension as absorbent and commercial MnSO4 as byproduct is examined.
24. But the state has yet to pass any rules to encourage cooler pavement on its roads, which are largely coated with heat-absorbing asphalt, a cheap byproduct of oil refining.
25. Chequita Jones, a churchgoer in the Columbia area, thinks saggy jeans and micro-mini skirts at church are a byproduct, at least in part, of trends in Hollywood and the music industry.
26. The waste product can be disposed, sold as a byproduct or recycled to the slurry.
27. With the method of liquid phase defluorination and the material calcium brine which is byproduct of the gelatin factory, the new technology of edible calcium hydrophosphate was developed.
28. To assess passive smoke exposure, the volunteers had their blood checked for a byproduct of nicotine, called cotinine, which is made when the body comes into contact with tobacco smoke.
29. In order to fabricate rubber packing oil satisfied with some standards, extract oil, a byproduct during solvent refining of lubricating oil, was refined using N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone(NMP).
30. Production technics of producing manganese sulphate, aluminum sulphate, zinc sulphate and ferric oxide series paint using the waste vitriol and byproduct in titanium dioxide production are introduced.
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