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By-product in a sentence

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Synonym: byproductspin-offSimilar words: primary productionproductproductiveproductionreproductionreproductiveunproductiveproductivityMeaning: n. 1. a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence 2. a product made during the manufacture of something else. 
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1. Buttermilk is a by-product of making butter.
2. The raw material for the tyre is a by-product of petrol refining.
3. A by-product of their meeting was the release of these fourteen men.
4. Don't feel virtuous: charity is only a by-product of this very good sampler of contemporary literature.
5. A by-product of cheesemaking on farms led to another product which was to bring fame to the name of Ayrshire.
6. Nor is it some sort of surprising by-product of a purely physical world.
6. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
7. E coli is a by-product of intensive livestock practices.
8. It was the beneficent by-product of competition between companies, each trying to outdo its rivals in visible splendour and architectural might.
9. Another by-product of space exploration is a growing awareness of this planet's fragile environment.
10. The plants will also produce cement as a by-product.
11. A by-product of the computer revolution has been an increased understanding by scientists and humanists of each others' methods and preoccupations.
12. Turquoise, originally considered a mere by-product of copper mining, was vigorously promoted by Waddell's father, B.C.
13. Another useful by-product of using a lorry engine was the air compressor that came with it.
14. The plutonium path Plutonium is a by-product of the controlled fission reaction in a nuclear reactor.
15. As a by-product, with the experience gained they are now in a strong position to enter paid advice work.
16. Law itself is the by-product of custom built up by habit.
17. As an important by-product it will also make it difficult for prospective bidders to build up stakes in secret.
18. Basic slag is another by-product of industrial processes that has become scarce due to changed methods.
19. Sludge - another corrosion by-product - can block the inlet or outlet to the radiator and prevent it from heating up.
20. The only by-product is pure oxygen.
21. Producing tin mine with co-product zinc and by-product copper and silver.
22. Happiness is a by-product. You cannot pursue it by itself. Sam Levenson 
23. How people feel about facts is a by-product.
24. Kawaja fueled speculation by publicly suggesting that barrels of the by-product were shipped out under cover of night.
25. Chloroplast membranes are very susceptible to attack by oxygen radicals which are generated as a by-product of photochemistry.
26. However some fish, such as the puffer fish, produce poisons as a by-product of their natural metabolisms.
27. Also present is the concept of aesthetic pleasure emerging as a by-product of the successful ordering of complex data.
28. It is possible that the entire animal kingdom is the inevitable by-product of the process.
29. We found that this chemical process created hydrogen chloride as a by-product.
30. That was Jack's introduction to tinnitus, the head noises which are a deeply distressing by-product of some forms of deafness.
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