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Butt in in a sentence

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Sentence count:30+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-06Updated:2017-03-06
Synonym: barge inbreak inchime inchisel incut input inSimilar words: juttingputtingabuttinglettingvettingfittingsittingsettingMeaning: v. break into a conversation. 
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(1) Sorry, I don't mean to butt in.
(2) Don't butt in like that when I'm speaking.
(3) May I butt in on your conversation?
(4) I didn't ask you to butt in on my private business.
(5) Don't butt in while we are talking!
(6) I'd rather you didn't butt in at this stage - and nothing for the record.
(7) Those who butt in because they are curious, nosy and feel entitled to the involvement they seek.
(8) These individuals tend to butt in for the attention they will get.
(9) The problem is, they butt in after every song to remind you of it.
(10) I didn't mean to butt in, but we're already late, thanks to me getting lost.
(11) DON BRADLEY: Do you mind if I butt in?
(12) All American kids are taught never to butt in before someone has finished speaking.
(13) Don't butt in on other people's private affairs.
(14) I hate to be a butt in sky, but what are you talking about?
(15) It is impolite to butt in line in front of other people.
(16) It's none of your business, so please don't butt in.
(17) The goat gave me a butt in the stomach!
(18) He was going to butt in when his mother darted a look of disapproval at him.
(19) Okay , I don't want to butt in, but are you doing too much?
(20) Why do you butt in when grown people are talking?
(21) Do not butt in!
(22) May I butt in?
(23) It was none of her concern, so she didn't butt in.
(24) Dexter lounged in, sucked the last goodness from his cigarette and stubbed out the butt in Blanche's wastepaper bin.
(25) I had one eye that crossed and always had the biggest butt in the neighborhood.
(26) Did you know it took almost 45 minutes for Apollo astronauts to make a bowel movement because their "waste management system" was a plastic bag they had to tape to their butt in zero-gravity?
(27) I told Bryan to hold the rifle a little less tight in one take, and I shoveled the rifle butt in my mouth, it was kind of my fault, I can't really blame him.
(28) " I was talking to Second Brother,'snapped Shu - hua . " Who asked you to butt in? "
(29) His boy's looking after him and there's no cause for you to butt in!
(30) The only alien thing was the obscene wet cigar butt in the plate.
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