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Bring to life in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-05-09Updated:2017-05-09
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1, The cold, hard cruelty of two young men is vividly brought to life in this true story.
2, The days of the slave trade are brought to life in a themed experience which includes interactive displays and a museum.
3, Using his clipped voice and precise prose, he brings to life conflicts and tragedies from far-flung locations.
4, An ad campaign brought to life.
5, The work has brought to life a number of fine frescoes which were concealed beneath a thick layer of plaster.
6, These principles can be applied to energise and bring to life the hard edges of Euclidean geometry and of the drawing board.
7, It's a picture postcard brought to life.
8, Working every weekend and most nights since November, Brown has been steadily bringing to life his and Evans' allegorical design.
9, Realistic recreations of past dark deeds are dramatically brought to life through tableaux, scenic effects and spectacular sound and lighting.
10, The Kama Sutra, for 2,000 years the Lover's lexicon, is beautifully brought to life in the new video.
11, I put to death and I bring to life, I have wounded and I will heal, and no one can deliver out of my hand.
12, The prompt use of artificial respiration can often bring to life a victim of drowning.
13, The quality cast of this production help bring to life the magic and intrigue of a tale of spirits, sorcery, monsters and maidens and shipwrecked, scheming noblemen .
14, That statue the good elephant to bring to life.
15, I started my venture to bring to life my passion so I don't even think of going without it.
16, It has helped to bring to life one of the Far East's great cities for our fans who have taken Ji-sung Park to their hearts in the last six years.
17, Arthur's exquisite colored etchings and Bonnie's informative text bring to life a fascinating heritage that gave support and sustenance to the variety of needs and functions of a working farm.
18, It uses photographs to bring to life a renowned show at the Whitechapel in 1961, when Rothko was seen solo here for the first time.
19, In 2003 Patton helped bring to life Hailie's Hadies, a sketcher gathering in a Pasadena bar, thrown by models for artists.
20, His novels bring to life the Victorian age.
21, This book bring to life all the details that are guaranteed to make any wedding day magical and memorable.
22, Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life.
23, Or search for elegant and decorative plant stands that match your decor,[ to life.html] and bring to life a beautiful and scented herbal garden to spruce up your kitchen counters.
24, Drogba said: 'When Pepsi MAX first approached me with the idea of using body paint as a way to bring to life their campaign this year I thought it was brilliant idea.
25, There's so much subtext with the characters, how difficult was that to bring to life? Your character sacrifices a lot with his job.
26, They masquerade so extraordinarily lifelike. make person feeling to imitate the was really a group of the ancientses to bring to life.
27, Therefore, the use of "simple" approach to deal with affairs, not only can be effective, but will also bring to life a paced rhythm of.
28, In the following pages you will see images which bring to life the dextrous faculties of the Russian engineers and scientists.
29, It has been designed to display the achievements of individual women, and bring to life the connections, similarities and shared stories between the two countries.
30, My darling accompanies crack and died several a hundred years of dry corpse to also bring to life, and still bite at my shoulder.
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