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Brains in a sentence

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1. Men and women use their brains differently, but that their brains may actually be designed differently. 
2. Some lucky people are endowed with both brains and beauty.
3. Exposure to lead is known to damage the brains of young children.
4. Helen is quite equal to Jack in brains.
5. They first implanted capsules into the animals' brains.
6. A wanton woman prefers brawn to brains.
7. His brow furrowed as he racked his brains over the question.
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8. I've been beating my brains out all week trying to finish this essay.
9. The idea is locked up in his brains.We know nothing.
10. I've been racking my brains to remember his name.
11. I was picking Simon's brains about which computer to buy.
12. She is blessed with both beauty and brains.
13. We've got the best brains in the land working on this problem.
14. Some investigators regarded her as the brains of the gang.
15. They relied on brains rather than brawn.
16. My little brother's the brains of the family.
17. Danny's definitely the brains of the project.
18. The problem is currently taxing the brains of the nation's experts .
19. The poor child inherited his mother's brains and his father's looks.
20. The main difference between our brains and those of monkeys is that ours are bigger.
21. Thinking is, or ought to be, a coolness and a calmness; and our poor hearts throb, and our poor brains beat too much for that. 
22. How differences between men and women might be used for our mu-tual benefit in everything from our relation with one another to a better undrestanding of how our brains work. 
23. To make a study of my business duties; to know my work from the ground up. To mix brains with my efforts and use system and method in all I undertake. To find time to do everything needful by never letting time find me or my subordinates doing nothing.
24. Gorillas, chimpanzees and gibbons are all anthropoid apes, having long arms, no tails and highly developed brains.
25. When he fell from the cliff, he beat his brains out.
26. Monkeys do not have any kind of protective armour and use their brains to solve problems.
27. He was a big strapping guy but short on brains.
28. Don't ask Jack to do anything - he's got shit for brains.
29. Diets that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol tend to clog up our arteries, thereby reducing the blood flow to our hearts and brains.
30. While cleaning his shotgun he had accidentally blown his own brains out.
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