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Bottom-up in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-04-14Updated:2018-04-14
Similar words: bottom upget to the bottom ofbottomBottoms upbottomedbottom outat bottombottom lineMeaning: adj. of an approach to a problem that begins with details and works up to the highest conceptual level. random good picture
1. A bottom-up implementation involves the planning and design of a data warehouse without waiting for a more business-wide data warehouse design to be put in place.
2. After the initial generation, use the bottom-up approach after that.
3. But - agent modeling which is bottom-up approach provides a new method of research on urban space structure.
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4. In other scenarios, you might develop using a bottom-up approach, in which you would create your entity objects first and then create the database tables from the entities later.
5. This bottom-up approach is quite natural and easy and is the perfect recipe for a SOA failure.
6. With additional work, however, the bottom-up approach can support hierarchical data models and, therefore, should not be automatically dismissed.
7. A word of caution about bottom-up analysis: You have to be careful not to blindly expose existing IT capabilities.
8. a bottom-up approach to tackling the problem.
9. For search engine optimization, consider the bottom-up approach where you ensure that as many of your catalog pages are indexed as possible.
10. The bottom-up approach is generally considered to be more intuitive and less error-prone than the top-down approach (discussed below).
11. Development quickly moved to a bottom-up development effort based on tactical execution of a set of projects without defined business value.
12. Although they are generally approach-agnostic(, each of the techniques discussed below is normally used in combination with either a top-down or bottom-up approach.
13. The breadth of the change and its impact on the organization is considered above everything else, whereas the depth of the change is usually the focus in vertical top-down or bottom-up approaches.
14. This chapter describes a technique for parsing using the bottom-up method.
15. Starting from this stage, this solution is adapting the bottom-up approach, which means that only the most important and urgent business subject areas are targeted in this logical data model.
16. I would say the brain, but the heart is also related because the complex concept of love is formed by both bottom-up and top-down processes from the brain to the heart and vice versa.
17. A more judicious approach would be to first do top-down, then goal-service modeling, and finally bottom-up legacy analysis of existing assets.
18. Such reusable process components must then necessarily also become subject to the top-down or bottom-up SOA analysis process.
19. Adopt the right approach in identification of services by using both domain decomposition business process models and bottom-up models.
20. This means that the Industry Models tend to follow neither a top-down nor bottom-up approach.
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