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Bottom-up approach in a sentence

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1 In the bottom-up approach the paragraphs are first collected, and the semantic net is built as the paragraphs are indexed.
2 This paper exemplifies the main bottom-up approach used in this field, and also uses higher-level context.
3 For the purposes of the current project a bottom-up approach is an obvious one to use.
4 In the bottom-up approach,[] investment analysts produce earnings forecasts on the basis of detailed research into the firm's activities.
5 In this situation the quick, bottom-up approach works fine.
6 Uses a bottom-up approach to teach students how high level language control and data structures are represented at the machine level. Introduce the student to systems programming.
7 After the initial generation, use the bottom-up approach after that.
8 But - agent modeling which is bottom-up approach provides a new method of research on urban space structure.
9 The bottom-up approach is focused on enabling the functions of applications and legacy systems as services.
10 In other scenarios, you might develop using a bottom-up approach, in which you would create your entity objects first and then create the database tables from the entities later.
11 This bottom-up approach is quite natural and easy and is the perfect recipe for a SOA failure.
12 In a bottom-up approach, one would start with a Java bean and expose the functionality as Web services.
13 With additional work, however, the bottom-up approach can support hierarchical data models and, therefore, should not be automatically dismissed.
14 In contrast, the bottom-up approach first uses some metric or categorization of land in the sending area to calculate the total number of TDR to be made available.
15 SproutCore development often takes a bottom-up approach, starting with describing the data model needed in the application and how it will be accessed from the server.
16 In a bottom-up approach, you begin with existing systems or applications.
17 If she kept going with that bottom-up approach, she might have eventually progressed to being an executive assistant.
18 a bottom-up approach to tackling the problem.
19 For search engine optimization, consider the bottom-up approach where you ensure that as many of your catalog pages are indexed as possible.
20 The bottom-up approach is generally considered to be more intuitive and less error-prone than the top-down approach (discussed below).
21 There are two main ways of forecasting earnings: the bottom-up approach and the top-down approach.
22 The better approach is a combination of the top-down and the bottom-up approach.
23 Although they are generally approach-agnostic, each of the techniques discussed below is normally used in combination with either a top-down or bottom-up approach.
24 From a logical perspective, the sideway approach allows you to start by adding a subgoal to the logical Web services at the sideway of either the top-down or bottom-up approach.
25 In the example of the nested, two-level embedding approach, you can embed the top-down approach within the bottom-up approach (see Figure 4) or the other way around.
26 He also identified an alternative model which he called the bottom-up approach .
27 For program planning, most managers will typically use a bottom-up approach that identifies and executes planning iterations for the program's individual component projects.
28 Starting from this stage, this solution is adapting the bottom-up approach, which means that only the most important and urgent business subject areas are targeted in this logical data model.
29 As we have pointed out, there are two general ways to build an application, a top-down approach and a bottom-up approach.
30 From a physical perspective, the sideway approach (shown in Figure 3) allows you to add or delete Web service components sideway to the top-down or bottom-up approach.
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