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Bosh in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: kiboshposhtoshkoshercoshnoshoshagoshMeaning: [bɒʃ] n. pretentious or silly talk or writing. random good picture
1. He thinks modern art is bosh.
2. Don't talk such bosh!
3. You can bosh it out, use the same strategies as the independent record labels.
4. Chris Bosh also withdrew from camp on Wednesday afternoon due to a foot injury.
5. Start with LeBron James, Kevin Garnett and Chris Bosh.
6. With LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire and other big-ticket free agents out of the way, Tracy McGrady expects to get on the free-agency express himself one of these days.
7. Bosh is 7 for 19, I hope he bounces back next game.
8. Paint? - bosh! Has she anything on her mind worth thinking twice - a man for instance?
9. That is enough of your bosh!
10. Chris Bosh , Toronto: All signs are pointing to a big year for Bosh.
11. The bosh becomes larger from the tuyeres up to the maximum internal diameter of the furnace.
11. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
12. Bosh!interrupted Steelman, cheerfully.
13. I just ask at discretion , why do you bosh here A complaints.
14. There must be some truth, after all, in the rant of the poets about the heartlessness and fickleness of women, although he had always been used to consider it the merest bosh.
15. It was too far a cry from Martin Edens high standard to that serious bosh.
16. When you want to get revenge on a woman you don't kill her - bosh!
17. A sign - and - trade with the Raptors would Bosh to receive the larger contract.
18. Without actual supervision, control and management to exchange rate, the reform just will be a bosh.
19. One game after their worst performance as a threesome, James, Wade and Bosh had 83 of Miami's 98 points and 35 of its 45 rebounds.
20. They scored all 12 of Miami's points in overtime; Bosh and Wade had five apiece after James' fallaway jumper on the Heat's first possession of the extra period gave them the lead for good.
21. Sialon bonded silicon carbide bricks, characterized by good resistance to oxidation and alkali corrosion, are mainly used on the underside, belly and bosh of blast furnace.
22. There is rampant speculation James is considering Miami to join Dwyaneand Chris Bosh.
23. It was suggested to evaluate the extent of BF intensification by representing the bosh gas index in nomograph, and the direction to further intensify the BF was described.
24. For example, water circulate constantly through the tuyere, hearth staves , bosh and inwall cooling plate etc.
25. By analyzing BF operation data, it was proved that the limitative factor of BF operation intensity is the gas permeability of bosh(bosh gas nidex).
26. Now, doctor, don't you come bothering me with that dictionary bosh.
27. Afterwards, the veteran teaching earnestly to let me understand selfless dedication is not just a bosh, it embodied in action, more embodies in the self-surrender and understanding to the taxpayer.
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