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Borate in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2019-06-06Updated:2019-06-06
Similar words: elaborateelaboratedelaborate oncorroborateelaboratelycollaboratecorroboratedoverelaborateMeaning: n. a salt or ester of boric acid. 
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1. The calcium borate product was prepared with natural ulexite powder, through hydrothermal depolymerization and phase inversion.
2. Aluminium borate melting block was prepared combination of boric acid, anhydrous alum and potassium sulfate.
3. The synergy between zinc borate and other flame retardants in flame - retardant PP is researched.
4. Partial barium borate products used in the coatings industry primer, topcoat, is a new type of anti-corrosion materials.
5. Synthesis process and application of FB borate fire retardant were discussed in this paper.
6. For many years, the borate luminescence materials have been paid much attention owing to their properties of low preparation temperature and high luminescent efficiency.
7. The properties, preparation methods and utilization of Aluminium borate whisker was briefly introduced.
8. The technique for preparing magnesium borate succinimide from commercial succinimide has been studied.
9. The result of study on synthesis of magnesium borate whisker has been reported.
10. The research of borate ester surfactants is still in the initial stage.
11. Timber borate treatment can be applied in this way.
12. Boron, from borax and borate evaporites, is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, enamel, agricultural chemicals, water softeners, and pharmaceuticals .
13. Zinc borate is the most commonly used flame retardant for plastics, rubber and other synthetic materials.
14. We provide a wide range of borate products to industry and distributors.
14. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
15. Triisopropyl borate was synthesized with high yield from 2 propanol and boron oxide by using calcium hydride as drying agent to remove resultant water.
16. Toxic manifestation are usually associated with borate concentration in excess of 10.0 mg / 1 OOml of blood.
17. The antiwear capacity of a borate containing nitrogen was evaluated.
18. Second, alkylolamide borate is obtained through borating reaction of alkylolamide.
19. Zinc borate is ceramic strong flux suitable to low temperature quick fire process.
20. But most existing transparent magnets - which are usually made of iron borate - are not actually all that magnetic.
21. In this paper Raman spectroscopy was used to study the molecular vibration of borate minerals.
22. BNS micro-emulsive cutting fluid consists mainly of the compound emulsifier and the compound borate as well as rust inhibitors.
23. The invention provides smelting process to prepare physical model of borate glass radix hole container rock.
24. These studies are useful for improving the thermodynamic model for salt lake brine complex systems containing lithium and borate .
25. We determined a series of technology data for synthesis of magnesium borate whisker.
26. The Krogh - Moe and Abe structural model of borate glasses are discussed.
27. A dilative inorganic fire proofing coatings based on water glass as binder has been prepared, which contains Aluminun hydroxide, Kaoline and Sodium Borate.
28. This paper reports a new synthetic method of nickel borate acylate.
29. With the mixture tests design, the interaction mechanism of borate, chlorinated paraffin and zinc dialkyldi thiophosphate (ZDDP) additives is studied.
30. Temperature raise could cause a great chemical degradation of borate crosslinked guar.
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