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Bolting in a sentence

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Sentence count:65Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
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1. Regaining the companionway, he dragged the doors closed, bolting them.
2. Bolting is a purely ethical consideration, no more, no less.
3. Instead, she made good her escape, bolting the galley door so that he could not follow her.
4. Rules and codes bolting the social structure tightly into place.
5. I can't remember ever bolting a weasel from a rabbit warren.
6. Hastily she bit gobbets loose and swallowed them, bolting down a dreadful and disgusting feast.
7. Let the argument rage about the ethics of bolting.
8. Jerry Moffatt: making the case for bolting.
9. Louie wailed, bolting off the steps into his house.
10. Late - bolting bottom shape, green leaf, thick and wider petiole,[] high yield and good quality.
11. The design laws and cruxes of the and bolting are described.
12. Flowering time and bolting time of Brassica crops were two important quantitative traits related to the commerciality.
13. Ron's jealousy expresses itself in a preadolescent bolting from the premises; he's missing but not missed.
14. He would need all his authority to keep the weak-kneed volunteers from bolting.
15. The threat of the soldiers was momentarily forgotten as she struggled to keep her footing and prevent the animal from bolting.
16. His brutish, stupid face was blotchy with fear now and his eyes were bolting from his head.
17. There are those people whose interest is almost exclusively in shooting bolting rabbits.
18. To lock up young car thieves is another example of bolting the stable door after the horse has fled.
19. For a moment she surprised herself in the thought of bolting for the door.
20. Smaller Artemia obtained by sifting the shrimp through cheesecloth or bolting cloth are satisfactory.
21. Sow in a moist, shady spot in summer to avoid early bolting.
21. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
22. Joseph looked wildly round the throne room, expecting to see the emperor and the Resident Superior bolting for cover.
23. Like oxygen bottles on Everest and increasing Himalayan tourism, bolting is something which has to be controlled.
24. In July, in a fit of progressive pique, I considered bolting for Nader.
25. Introduces the study and application of rock botting in coalroad puts forward measure of construction and technology about bolting in coalroad.
26. Single pass drilling apparatus, use a one-piece drill bit, method and rock bolt for single pass rock bolting.
27. A new technic in an effort to save the limb by reimplantation of tumor-bearing bone segment devitalized by bolting was performed on 16 patients with malignant tumor of bone.
28. Lug valves can be specified with threaded or thru hole bolting.
29. In particular, Ada programs will be "portable" from one computer to another, and engineers will be able to combine them as bolting Meccano together.
30. Suitable reaping time is defined by investigating effect of 3 different times on agronomic traits, yield, bolting rate and soft rot rate of carrot seeded in spring.
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