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Blue-collar in a sentence

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Sentence count:55Posted:2017-06-11Updated:2017-06-11
Similar words: blue-collar workerwhite-collarcollardog collarblue chipblue-chipblue-chip stockdollarMeaning: adj. 1. of or designating manual industrial work or workers 2. of those who work for wages especially manual or industrial laborers. random good picture
(1) He is rapidly losing the support of blue-collar voters and of middle-class conservatives.
(2) Chicago policemen, like most policemen, reflect blue-collar values.
(3) In previous downturns, blue-collar manufacturing workers bore the brunt of job losses.
(4) He predicts that blue-collar jobs will have shrunk to less than 2 percent of total employment.
(5) They also are rising for blue-collar manufacturing and service workers and all households with annual incomes above $ 25, 000.
(6) Always a blue-collar town, Gary developed into a mighty industrial force on the strength of the nearby lakefront steel mills.
(7) We already know about blue-collar woes.
(8) For Republicans running in blue-collar districts, where raising the wage attracts support, the argument hurts.
(9) These categories include white-collar workers as well as blue-collar workers.
(10) Cosby portrays a blue-collar worker who was forced to retire early from an airline.
(11) Lately, the restaurant chain, which caters mainly to blue-collar diners, has been hurt by competition.
(12) Some companies hire college graduates as blue-collar worker supervisors and then promote them.
(13) His political support comes mainly from blue-collar workers.
(14) As their baseline constituents, the blue-collar and middle-class white populations, migrated to the suburbs[sentence dictionary], long-standing political alignments dissolved.
(15) Only four in 10 blue-collar, clerical and sales workers are very satisfied.
(16) Buchanan successfully tapped the economic insecurity of blue-collar workers by slamming trade agreements embraced by most Republican leaders, including Dole.
(17) His ability to deliver the C2 blue-collar, Essex-man vote has, arguably, won them the last two general elections.
(18) Boys from blue-collar homes are still 4 times less likely to get to university than the children of parents in non-manual work.
(19) Unemployment rates among white-collar workers show much less regional variation than corresponding rates among blue-collar workers.
(20) Aside from its cast, the show was lauded for its honest and realistic depiction of blue-collar family life.
(21) This mutual stretching of personas is what works best in the new romantic comedy about a couple of blue-collar thieves.
(22) Their biggest problem was having to drag around these old, puffy-looking, blue-collar bodies.
(23) The party and its leaders were defended neither by white nor blue-collar workers nor kolkhoz farmers.
(24) Another is a proposal to raise the minimum wage, which could motivate blue-collar Democrats in key areas.
(25) The school serves a community of approximately 10, 000 people, mostly blue-collar workers who are employed by the pickle plant.
(26) For most of the 1980s that international mobility undermined mostly blue-collar workers.
(27) The ordinary dynamics of supply and demand have certainly played a role: laborsaving technologies have reduced the demand for many "good" middle-class, blue-collar jobs.
(28) Higher professional colleges should be intended for cultivating the senior blue-collar talents.
(29) White-collar knowledge workers respond to different incentives and political appeals than do blue-collar industrial workers.
(30) They're also a study in class mobility: 59% come from lower-middle-class or blue-collar families, and almost half hold advanced degrees.
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