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Blow down in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-05-10Updated:2017-05-10
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1. They caught the thief and hailed blows down on him.
2. A lot of trees were blown down in the recent storms.
3. Power lines were blown down and we had a blackout of several hours.
4. Many trees were blown down in the gale.
5. The gale blew down hundreds of trees.
6. An old oak tree had blown down in the storm.
7. Several chimneys blew down during the storm.
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8. Several trees were blown down in the storm.
9. The telephone wires were blown down by the rainstorm.
10. Hundreds of trees have been blown down this winter.
11. Hundreds of old trees were blown down in the gales.
12. A biting wind blew down from the hills.
13. Several trees were blown down in the night.
14. The garden gate has blown down.
15. The windstorm blew down their houses.
16. The rubbish has been blown down the pipe.
17. Many trees were blown down.
18. And she blew down a kiss.
19. So ferocious was the wind that the trees blew down and blocked the roads and railways.
20. Alongside the urge to blow down the house of cards comes a tender impulse towards reconstruction.
21. We planted it 12 years ago, to replace one blown down in the previous storms.
22. I will huff. I will puff. I will blow down your house.
23. A dirt pocket and strainer ( with blow down ) should always be provided ahead of trap.
24. An evil wind cannot blow down the Tianshan Mountains, and a hailstorm cannot destroy the grassland!
25. The wind is high enough to blow down tree.
26. The stick house is easy to blow down.
27. " But ,'shouted the fifth, " a strong wind can blow down the trees. "
28. " But, " pointed out the fifth, " a strong wind can blow down the trees. "
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