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Blinders in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2018-08-08Updated:2018-08-08
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1. We are finally facing reality without ideological blinders.
2. When we let go of control our blinders are removed and we can begin to enjoy life's possibilities.
3. "It's almost like love puts blinders on people," added Martie Haselton, an associate professor of psychology and communication studies at UCLA.
4. In examining himself, Jarman strips away the blinders of modern society, even as he reveals our collective ties to the natural world, and to each other.
5. Allow the blinders to fall off and for yourself to see all you require to succeed at your goal of ascension.
6. You need to put blinders on and execute.
7. That's why it's necessary to wear glamorous eye blinders to take no notice of other even more glamorous pusses.
8. They put blinders on because they don't want their running to be associated with anything negative or dangerous.
9. A : May I have a couple of blinders?
10. To make and fit two iron blinders for air port in dining saloon.
11. I planned to maintain a single-minded focus on my studies, to get through and excel-with blinders on.
12. However, investment without a clear idea of the electronic commerce architecture being built would be akin to driving with blinders on.
13. Even after the explosive scene with his doctor, Sternburg kept his blinders on.
14. Too bad this version at the Ahmanson was mounted with blinders on.
15. And I'm developing a vision I never had when I plodded my way through the world with blinders on.
16. I missed the beauty of valley because I kept my blinders on.
17. It's really easy, given the time pressures and the pace of our work[sentencedict .com], to put blinders on and be very project-focused.
18. She said of her reporting: I think I probably have emotional blinders on and am not thinking about it.
19. While he took care of our son, I put my imaginary blinders on (so I don't get distracted) and focused on the task.
20. Reviewing what actually took place this weekend, none of these explanations wears very well, except as indicators of their expositors' ideological blinders.
21. And, it's black - box because're testing it without knowing exactly it works with blinders on.
22. The pony is often outfitted with straps, a leather saddle, blinders, reins, and a bit in the mouth.
23. While Java programming is a fine choice for most situations, there is one very important shortcoming to wearing Java-only blinders.
24. Lucky people do not just tunnel in one place with blinders on; they open their eyes to everything and throw themselves into serendipity's path whenever possible.
25. To keep myself focused on the paper in front of me, I'd visualize a set of blinders for my eyes, and an imaginary fort around my desk.
26. As we go about our day, it's easy to become consumed by our own reality walking around with blinders on completely unaware of what's going on around us.
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