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Blackish in a sentence

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Similar words: brackishblackingblack icepeckishpuckishblacklackingslackingMeaning: ['blækɪʃ] adj. of something that is somewhat black. 
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(1) The water was blackish.
(2) Katy has long blackish hair.
(3) Mixed in with the velvet are some blackish rattan pieces with beige cushions and severe Scandinavian lines, circa 1960.
(4) Bill of drake blackish, of duck greyish.
(5) Front cover: crimson for master students(, blackish green for doctor students.
(6) Yesterday morning, I passed blackish green stool. And during the night, I passed black stool.
(7) A lustrous, blackish - brown rare earth mineral consisting primarily of cerium , erbium , titanium , uranium, and yttrium.
(8) Front cover: crimson for master students , blackish green for doctoral students.
(9) Yesterday morning, I passed some blackish green stool And during the night, I passed black stool.
(10) Guy de Lusignan: When I wish a blackish to advise in war, I will tell him.
(11) The blackish - red berry of the pokeweed.
(12) A prominent blackish area behind the pectoral fin bases.
(13) Beaks are blackish with a reddish tip.
(14) Bark grayish brown or blackish brown; young branches green ,[] glabrous.
(15) They have dark blackish brown and grey - brown under parts, large dark and short black hooked bill.
(16) Winter appropriate uses the color such as brown, blackish green, amaranthine , deep coffee.
(17) Sturgeons are prized for their blackish roe.
(18) North American fern with a blackish lustrous stipe.
(19) It was always the same - bread and dripping or, when the bread was very old, blackish toast and dripping.
(20) Star Diopside is mainly mined in India and is generally a black or blackish green color.
(21) Cryptobiotic crust consists of tiny communities of organisms that appear as a blackish and irregular raised crust upon the sand.
(22) For me, I fear to watch horror films, to play bungee jumping, and am afraid of blackish softish creatures.
(23) There was a lurid, gloomy canopy above ; the elm - trees drooped their heavy blackish green.
(24) Dark blue , crimson , dark palm fibre , blackish green, are charcoal grey , black waits for deep colour to be to be package series dominant hue.
(25) European thrush common in rocky areas; the male has blackish plumage with a band neck.
(26) The giant, or Derby, eland is reddish Brown with a Blackish neck and vertical white stripes and horns heavier than those of the common eland.
(27) Color for cover and back cover: crimson for master students , blackish green for doctor students.
(28) North American freshwater food fish (Morone chrysops) having a silvery color and blackish stripes on each side.
(29) The sound of singing as sounds of nature spreads boundlessly in chaotic space, like being like drop, having entered one drop of blackish red blood , having stirred a fit cardiodynia in the black ink.
(30) Any of several perennial herbs of the genus Actaea, native to northern temperate regions, having terminal clusters of red, white, or blackish berries.
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