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Black tea in a sentence

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Similar words: black tieblacktopblackthornblackjackblack jackslack timeblackblackenMeaning: n. fermented tea leaves. 
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1. He only drank a cup of black tea and nibbled at a piece of dry bread for his supper.
2. A cup of black tea or black coffee contains no calories.
3. Black Tea and Longjin Tea are salable in our market.
4. Green tea is not fermented while black tea is fully fermented.
5. Decaffeinate black tea at home with tips from a tea lounge owner in this free tea brewing video.
6. Unlike black tea or oolong, green tea is made from unfermented tea leaves.
7. A pot of strong black tea costs little more than one manat, and friends can while away an afternoon.
8. Tom: I will have black tea with lemon and sugar and a piece of Swiss roll.
9. A type of tea known by Westerners as Black tea and made from the completely oxidized bud leaves of Camellia sinensis.
10. Which kind of tea would you prefer, black tea or green tea?
11. This invention disclosed a cassia seed black tea, which includes 70 percent of cassia seed, 29.83 percent of assam black tea and 1.7 permillage coffee powder.
11. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
12. Bohea lapsang, fully fermented, a kind of black tea for special export, is well-known at home and abroad for its special and fascinating flavor.
13. Quantities of Black Tea have been exported.
14. What tea, Oolong tea or black tea?
15. A client of mine enquiries for 100 cases Black Tea.
16. Thea bohea, black tea, was described as looking nearly the same—only smaller and somewhat darker.
17. Black tea of big auspicious mountain has high social status. 3, a tea April is viridescence color more, 2 tea are golden.
18. Having even two or three cups of black tea daily helps prevent hardening of the arteries.
19. Plum cake and cheese and a mug of strong, black tea in case you were still falling apart.
20. In daily life of the elites and the select society, more and more people tend to drink black tea. Soon you will realize that Red Cloud and Hongsui become a symbol of fashion and rank.
21. Many other Chinese Local Record of Count contain similar record about black tea .
22. The Linnaean Society had hitherto declared unequivocally that green and black tea were siblings or cousins, closely related but under no circumstances twins.
23. A study by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization revealed that mice made to sip black tea suffered 54 percent fewer cancers than those that drank water.
24. C: Chicken sandwich, please . Just white meat only . And also black tea, please.
25. The royalty also take it as fashionable drink and congratulate on empress's birthday with Keemun Black Tea to compliment her as "the most beautiful lady".
26. Green tea is pale , greenish yellow, and the black tea is a deep amber color.
27. Jinguihong tea was made by mixing natural cumquat jam, osmanthus flowers confiture in superior Qimen black tea, we should drink it at the same time slowly decocting.
28. Certainly, sir. So that's orange juice. sausage and eggs . fried over . Croissant and a black tea.
29. This turbidity is caused by material present in the original black tea.
30. What kind of tea would you like, green tea or black tea?
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