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Black bread in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2018-07-12Updated:2018-07-12
Similar words: backbreakingbreak bread withbreak breadblack boxblackballblack beltblack beanblack bookMeaning: n. bread made of coarse rye flour. 
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1. Serve with thin slices of dark or black bread.
2. Crushed coriander's heavy odour from black bread on the table.
3. I ordered red caviare and black bread and butter and two hundred grams of vodka.
4. A slice of black bread, supple as cardboard.
5. Eat it was, the goulash excellent, good black bread, and the wine very passable.
6. Black Bread Russians like to eat.
7. Blake the baker bakes black bread.
8. He ate the black bread with the blood.
9. Germans had hard black bread and, if lucky, sausage and butter.
10. A black bird eats black bread.
11. Then, in order to prevent Cosette eating black bread, Jean Valjean ate white bread.
12. I took two piece of black bread and four piece of white bread.
13. Lean liver sausage simply doesn't taste good. The people of palatinates prefer to eat it with fresh black bread and a glass of wine. It also can be accompanies by jacket potatoes.
14. Here is your Last Communion, a beggar's Communion of black bread.
15. But please tell me whether I should serve South African beef curry or Russian black bread.
16. I ate two piece of white bread and one piece of black bread.sentence dictionary
17. He betrayed neither haste nor agitation; and while he was wrapping up the Bishop's candlesticks, he nibbled at a piece of black bread.
18. Each car had a giant samovar full of hot tea that was served along with black bread by an elderly woman.
19. He dined with Cosette, and he had a loaf of black bread on the table for his own use.
20. There lay his sandwich, with its two slices of cheap black bread.
21. I ate two piece of white bread and one black bread.
22. Legend has him eating peasant food--cabbage soup, cabbage soup, porridge, meat with pickled cucumbers, ham and cheese, and kvass, which is a drink that I've actually tasted from fermented black bread.
23. To Russia, where natural and ultimately, to taste the black bread and caviar.
24. All undergo the same tonsure, wear the same frock, eat the same black bread, sleep on the same straw, die on the same ashes.
25. You should never mix your drinks, 'he growled, drinking the vodka and eating a piece of black bread with it.
26. Then they had supper, all three dipping their wooden spoons in the big bowl together, and eating a tremendous lot of black bread.
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