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Black box in a sentence

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Sentence count:82Posted:2017-07-03Updated:2017-07-03
Similar words: blackbodyblackboardblackballblackberrybackbonebackboardto the backboneblackMeaning: n. equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight. 
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1. The black box showed why the plane had crashed.
2. They were part of the black box associated with high-flyer management development.
3. A long black box passed at their feet.
4. But the congressional intelligence committees are like a black box. Things go in without anything coming out.
5. The solid black box represents the ble resistance gene.
6. It was a small black box, rather like the Thing, mounted on little treads.
7. But the congressional intelligence committees are like a black box.
8. There are four interacting systems within the organism's black box that enable it to function effectively.
9. New investigative techniques have opened up the black box of the brain and have begun to shed light on its inner workings.
10. Claire jams the black box into her shoulder bag.
11. Accident investigators have found the black box flight recorder.
11. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
12. They're still looking for his black box.
13. The briefcase-sized black box contained a keyword selection computer.
14. You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes?
15. Whereas black box testing assumes that nothing is known about the program, white box testing assumes that you know everything about the program.
16. But is the black box intended to stop HARM so dangerous?
17. French Air Accident Investigation Department 3, said it had found in the Atlantic about two years ago, Air France Flight 447 crash wreckage, are now looking for "black box" whereabouts.
18. In the article, the measurement principle, hardware circuit and software process of a kind of mine locomotive intelligent speed mileometer are introduced, which have the function of "black box".
19. A second later there was a loud click and buzz which could only be the black box alarm being activated.
20. Clearly, if not the ghost, then the organism in the black box could not be ignored.
21. Through the exergy analysis of three-effect falling-film evaporation system for ammonium chloride recycle by black box model and grey box model, the main links losing exergy most were found.
22. In the actual course of testing, and gradually learned about the software testing, Black Box Testing, test case design and optimization.
23. The compact and intelligent gadget includes 4 most useful mode: trip computer, digital gauges, scan tool and vehicle black box.
24. The measures and the methods of preventing and curing pollution are posed. The black box model that the soil of farm fields is polluted by harmful elements is also posed in the paper.
25. But the pipe has one major detractor: It's something of a black box.
26. There are various techniques in developing test cases for black box testing.
27. In this paper, an inputoutput incremental simple linear regression model is used as a predictive model of black box systems, and a projection algorithm is adopted to estimate the model parameters.
28. From the perspective of tester, a empirical defect prediction method, which is based on black box testing, is introduced. And with the help of this method, defect backlog curves are predicted.
29. A branch node identifies the decision points and is visually represented as a black box located on the associated arrow (transition).
30. Equipped with the advanced revealer, they soon found the black box of the crashed plane.
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