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Bionics in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-07-28Updated:2017-07-28
Similar words: bionichistrionicsphonicscryonicsmnemonicshydroponicselectronicsanimatronicsMeaning: [baɪ'ɒnɪks] n. application of biological principals to the study and design of engineering systems (especially electronic systems). random good picture
1. The reason for abrasive wear resistance enhancement of bionics smooth surface made by Laser Carving Technology is grain super-refining strengthening, hardening, effect of dowel pin and bionics.
2. Perfect application of the research achievement of bionics and biological chemistry.
3. Architectural Bionics is one of headspring of architectural innovation.
4. Knowledge, including the bionics , D-S evidence theory, fuzzy mathematics and production rule, is used to study a multisensor information fusion algorithm based on the behavior making-decision.
5. The main features of the bionics manipulators are the agility of movement.
6. Q: Did the FDA require Advanced Bionics to issue this recall?
7. Based on the bionics, the technology of driving a bionic rotary joint by SMA wires was studied.
8. Deducing the positional equation of mechanism of a bionics fingers by complex arrow.
9. The relations between bionics and modern garments are described.
10. The impotance of bionics suddenly hits you.
11. Bionics is a kind of marriage between biology and electronics.
12. Unsmoothed bionics design for screw pile blades was brought forward according to the resistance reduction characteristics of typical soil animals.
13. According to the theory of bionics and powders was used to build a coarse structure onto the surface of the coating, and the hydrophobicity was highly improved.
14. The bionics significance of this new explanation is pointed out.
15. In summer of 2006,12 Phonak Digital Bionics Technology Seminars took place in China successfully.
16. Bionics design has shown its vitality with bionomics philosophy guidance.
17. Bionics is the approach of finding solutions from nature.
17. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
18. The importance of bionics suddenly hits you.
19. In virtue of bionics and so on, a new solution are proposed.
20. Garment bionic design, as a key branch of Bionics has also beenstudied and applied.
21. The bionics is a subject of a colligated frontier study.
22. Based on the principles of bionics and the movement mechanism of the hexapod , the triangle gait movement principle of hexapod robot is analyzed.
23. Research on bionics and aerodynamics indicates that flapping mode is better than rotorcraft and fixed-wing mode when they are about the size of small birds.
24. Bionics is a new developing frontier science permeating and combine biology, mathematics and engineering studies.
25. The study belongs to biomineralization, which is a hot field in reality. There are many articles of this kind on the bionics in Nature or Natural Material.
26. The students inquired of their teacher about the science " bionics ".
27. I can't say how delighted I am about your achievement in bionics.
28. Ship anti-rolling fin is a successful compound of modern bionics and control theory in ship engineering and also one of the most widely used anti-rolling apparatus.
29. I can not say how delighted I am about your achievement in bionics.
30. Soil animals' cuticles have the geometrical unsmooth morphology universally, according to the research of the bionics.
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