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Binary digit in a sentence

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Similar words: binary decisioncoronary artery diseasebinarybinary starbinary codebinary systembinary numberbinary compoundMeaning: n. either 0 or 1 in binary notation. 
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1 A single bit-plane can hold only one binary digit in each position.
2 The string of binary digits that the machine has now produced at the left is the answer to the calculation.
3 Each binary symbol conveys one binary digit , or bit, of information.
4 Computers use the binary number system. A binary digit is called a bit.
5 The algorithm use a binary digit to divide the vertex set of a non-direction graph, and employ the incident sets of the vertices in the subgraph to produce opposite cut sets.
6 The smallest amount of data. One binary digit.
7 BIT – short for binary digit , which , in a computer, is the smallest unit of storage.
8 We have seen that a single flip-flop can remember one binary digit.
9 But most applications require the transmission of digital messages consisting of binary digits or hits.
10 In this way,[] a single D-type bistable can remember one binary digit - or 0 or a 1.
11 There are various ways of presenting a graph in terms of binary digits.
12 In the paper, a design method of ADC with new devices is presented based on the mathematical principle of converting decimal digit to binary digit .
13 The direction of magnetisation will change in core a only, thus storing a binary digit.
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